Beauty and The Geek Takes Flight

Beauty and The Geek Takes Flight

Love seems to be in bloom, with Sam and Angelique’s romance well underway, while Michael and Tara deepen their connection. Meanwhile, newly madeover Mike makes a surprise visit to Heidi and introduces her to his nonna, who approves of both Heidi and her grandson’s new look.

The beauties and geeks arrive at an airfield where it’s revealed they must take part in a flight simulator test as pilot and first officer. The team that successfully lands the plane and works best will win a date and avoid being in the bottom two.

Flight attendant Emily’s early confidence gives way to frustration, thanks to overly frequent and increasingly intrusive visits from Sophie, and she ultimately fails to land the plane. Aimee and Jayden don’t fare much better, nor do most of our other pairs. But Aaron manages to land the plane almost single handedly, drawing on his experience as a train driver. And Michael and Tar work together to ensure a smooth landing, giving them the win – and finally, they have their first date. 

As Michael and Tara are preparing for the big event, they share their excitement with roommates Samuel and Tegan. When Tara meets Michael she learns that they’re in for a session of indoor skydiving. Tara has always wanted to skydive but has a fear of flying – and Michael has worked out a great solution for her. After a sweet session in the skydiving chamber together, during which they held hands, they sit down for a post-dive chat. Both admit they like each other, and with some strong signals being sent in Michael’s direction by Tara, it looks like we might have our second kiss of the season … until Michael gets overwhelmed and misses all the signs! 

Following Michael’s failure to recognise the signs, Sophie decides to hold a class for Aaron, Chris and Jayden to get them up to speed on the subject of romance. Aaron in particular takes onboard the lessons imparted by Sophie and resolves to try out his newfound skills with a beauty at a future mixer.

Meanwhile, our shyest geek, Jason, summons up the courage to overcome one of his greatest fears, one that he feels has been holding him back since he was a teenager – singing in front of another person. To do so, he has written a song for his beauty, Emily, with the intention of performing it for her. Emily is nothing but supportive of Jason, and after some trepidation he is able to sing for her. It’s a beautiful moment, and at the song’s conclusion Emily leaps up to throw her arms around Jason. Emily expresses her pride in him for facing his fear and assures him of his talent and bravery. Jason concludes that while he still has much to overcome, this has been a huge step forward.

At the mixer, the group mingle, Michael and Tara return from their date, and boys and girls excitedly break into groups to get the goss. Both excitedly recount their date. While Tara can’t help but express her disappointment at the lack of a kiss, the beauties reassure her that their time is coming.

Sophie announces the bottom two couples – Sam and Angelique and Tegan and Anthony. Anthony and Tegan are disappointed and nervous at facing elimination once again, but they know the drill and get straight into cramming questions. Angelique and Sam do the same. Neither is ready to leave. Angelique feels she still needs time to break down her walls and show her softer side with the help of Sam, and Sam is feeling he still has so much to learn about himself. 

Then it’s elimination time and the stakes are high, with both couples determined to stay in the experience. It’s close, but Anthony manages to score their fifth point and wins the elimination. It’s an emotional farewell to Sam and Angelique, who intend to continue their romantic relationship on the outside. 


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