Beauty and The Geek swap lives

Beauty and The Geek swap lives

The couples have left the comfort of home to enter Life Swap. Life Swap sees them stepping into each other’s lives outside of the experience and into the real world, in a bid to find out more about their partner and road test all the skills they have learnt so far.

First up is Aaron who will be entering Karly’s world of hairdressing. Karly rattles off a shopping list of what Aaron has to do as her hairdressing assistant, including making small talk with strangers, a big phobia for him. However, Aaron manages to channel his “inner Karly” by using everything she’s taught him and he charms a client with his banter.

Emily has taken Jason to her mother’s pub to experience her world by working there during the lunch rush. For an introvert like Jason this will be a big challenge. But despite some difficulty, Emily is impressed by the resilience he shows after being thrown into the deep end.

Bri takes Chris to meet her family and show him her world, but she also wants her family to meet this guy who has helped her regain her zest for life. Her parents can see it, thanks to Chris and the BATG experience.

Aaron now gets a chance to show Karly his world and his main passion, running trains at the model train club with his friends. Karly loves the experience and has lots of questions for Aaron about his world. Aaron confesses that he very rarely brings new people into this world as worries what they will say about it. Karly reminds him that he needs to embrace his passions because they are what makes him who he really is.

At a dance studio Tegan is bringing Anthony into her world, and she teaches him the art of being a showgirl. Anthony embraces this experience wholeheartedly. Later, Anthony takes Tegan to visit his favourite shop, the place that sells everything Harry Potter-related.

Jason takes the opportunity to learn more about Emily from her mum, who reveals to him that due to bullying in her childhood and bad relationships, Emily actually struggles with self-esteem.

Michael is taking a significant step forward with Tara and their relationship by taking her to his house to meet his housemates and friends. While the state of the house is a bit of a shock to Tara, she bonds with Michael’s friends and is heartened to see that he acts the same in front of them as he does in front of her.

Heidi has taken Mike to her family’s farm, where she grew up. It’s a big day for her, the first time she has ever brought a boy she likes to meet her family at the farm. She is worried her dad and brother might give him a hard time, but despite being clearly terrified of the situation Mike charms her family.

And Jason turns the tables on Emily as he provides the musical entertainment at the pub for the afternoon, inviting her to sing with him. Emily is happy to join him and she feels that this Life Swap has helped them grow closer and learn more about each other.


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