Beauty and the Geek Returns

Beauty and the Geek Returns

New locations new host but it’s the same Beauty and the Geek which returns for it’s 5th season next week.

For the first time in the program’s history, the ultimate social experiment will move from the safe confines of the mansion to a beach-side paradise.

Will the exotic shores of Fiji provide the perfect backdrop for a holiday romance for the bikini clad Beauties and sandal and sock wearing Geeks? And what will happen when one of the Geeks receives a surprise package with explosive consequences for everyone on the island?

It’s guaranteed to be a rollercoaster of fun and adventure for the gorgeous Beauties and academically-gifted Geeks.
The Beauties are vivacious, fun-loving girls who love socialising and being the centre of attention. They’re preened and ready to take centre stage. But ask their opinion on politics, or the solution to a mathematical equation, and they’ll be stumped.

The Geeks are intellectual pin-ups. They love sci-fi, comics, gaming and computers. They’re socially-awkward, conversationally challenged and many are still waiting for their first kiss

James Tobin is the new host of Beauty and the Geek which kick off with a 90 minute episode on Thursday October 10