Beauty and The Geek gets Medievil

Beauty and The Geek gets Medievil

It’s another day for the beauties and geeks, and this time they land in the Middle Ages, where knights fought each other for glory. Together, they must fight a terrifying and skilled knight to win a date worthy of champions. The beauties and geeks unite to practise their battle tactics, and Karly tries to help Aaron harness his aggressive side. 

Anthony and Tegan are ready to give the performance of their lives. Blackbelt assassin Jayden is excited and confident going into the sword fight, but within seconds he is knocked down. Michael is determined to win the date for redemption after his missed kiss with Tara. He goes headstrong into battle – and emerges triumphant! This is his big moment: the crowd is cheering for him to kiss Tara, but as he goes in her head turns, and he misses. As the battles of the day come to an end, Bryce declares Michael and Tara the winners of the date.

Sophie has organised a healing circle to align the chakras of Bri, Tegan and Karly and help them in their journey to self-love. Bri opens up about her previous relationship, which led to a miscarriage and a whole world of hurt. But this experience and being partnered with Chris is really helping her to learn how to open up and trust again. 

At their painting date Michael opens up to Tara about being bullied. Tara reassures him that he’s a very emotionally intelligent person, and that is its own type of strength and the reason she thinks he’s so special. She loves his sensitivity and they finally have their first kiss.

Following the healing circle, Bri is full of gratitude for Chris and tells him how he has helped her learn  to trust guys again. Michael and Tara come back from their date. Sophie announces the bottom two pairs: Jayden and Aimee and Emily and Jason. 

In another tense elimination Emily and Jason prevail, sending Aimee and Jayden home. 


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