Beauty and The Geek delivers makeover magic

Beauty and The Geek delivers makeover magic

To mark the final week, the beauties and geeks hold their own top-five party at the Sky Suites.At the beauties’ party there’s bubbles, loud music, dancing, and some jumping (and falling!) off the couch. The boys’ party looks a little different as they celebrate with lollies, cordial shots, party pies, fairy bread, and to top it off Michael has made the boys balloon swords.

Today they have to produce, choreograph and star in their own music video for Sophie Monk’s new single, Nice To Meet You. However, Sophie reveals a twist – for the first time this season, the beauties and geeks will be performing without each other in a high-stakes challenge where the strongest performing geek will save his beauty and the strongest performing beauty will save her geek from elimination. Therefore, they are creating two music videos, a boy and a girl version, to test if they can stand on their own two feet and incorporate what they have learnt from each other and put their newfound skills into practice.

The beauties and geeks split into groups and brainstorm as teams to create a storyline behind the lyrics of Sophie’s song. Michael states that his success so far in this experience is largely due to his pairing with Tara, therefore he decides to step up and bring out his leadership in a bid to keep him and Tara safe from elimination.

After both groups have completed the challenge, Sophie is excited to reveal the finished music video. Everyone is super-excited by their hard work, and she surprisingly tells them that after a challenge is the time she would normally tell them who won – but instead she now reveals that all remaining geeks will get their long-awaited makeovers.

At geek HQ, four makeovers are taking centre stage. The first to be revealed is Jason. When he comes out of the elevator everyone is in disbelief. Next is Aaron, and when he is revealed Karly is in tears, telling him he looks sexy and amazing. Third up is Anthony, who comes out of the elevator with a smile from ear to ear. When he looks at himself in the mirror he starts getting very emotional, and Tegan tells him that the result is better than she expected. Last out is Michael, and Tara runs over to him, puts her arms around him, and gives him a big kiss.

Sophie then announces that it’s time for the elimination, with Tegan and Anthony and Jason and Emily in the bottom two. In the final round Anthony and Tegan guess the correct answer, sending Emily and Jason home.


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