Beat The Chasers heads to Sundays

Beat The Chasers heads to Sundays

Seven has announced Beat The Chasers will screen on Sundays.

Bravely taking on The Chasers in the premiere episode are

David Poltarak – Guinness Book of World records holder for his massive haul of cash and prizes on Sale of the Century.

Nick Noel – quizzing royalty, son of Virginia Noel, a former Sale of the Century and The Einstein Factor champion.

Connor Hogg – an ambitious young man who accidentally attended Trump’s inauguration!

Mara Lejins – a 25-year-old lawyer with a big dream to buy a Subaru Impreza.

Ellie Menzies – a financial planner who describes herself as a maths nerd by trade and a medieval history nerd by nature.

Gordon McGregor – A black belt in karate who represents Australia in the World Quizzing Championships every year.

 Uniting their quiz superpowers  The Shark, The SupernerdThe Tiger Mum And Goliath – should be unbeatable.

But can they defeat the best of Australia’s esteemed quiz royalty?

7pm Sunday on Seven