BBC Earth to celebrate World Animal Day this October

BBC Earth is celebrating World Animal Day this October with Animal Week, a special line-up of programming which looks at some of the most unique natural places this land has to offer that play host to some of the most extraordinary animals on our planet.

Screening each evening at 8.30pm from Monday, October 5, the week kicks off with the premiere of One Wild Day, a stunning, modern natural history series which embarks on a 24-hour journey with the most extraordinary animals on our planet. Next we explore the dazzling behaviours and extraordinary diversity of wildlife of Karnatka in India’s Wild Karnataka. The week will finish with Mission Galapagos, where cameras indetify the hidden volcanoes, evolutionary secrets and remarkable creatures of the Galápagos Islands.

Presented by Patrick AryeeOne Wild Day is a fresh, modern landmark natural history series that portrays a 24-hour roller coaster through the wild. Meet extraordinary animals as they thrive at different moments in the day to survive in some of the toughest landscapes on the planet. For some animals 24 hours is the blink of an eye – for others it’s an entire lifetime – but for every creature this series reveals there’s a moment in every animal’s day it must thrive to survive.

India’s Wild Karnataka narrated by Sir David Attenborough uncovers one of the richest wild places on Earth. Karnataka occupies five percent of India’s land mass, yet it is home to a quarter of the country’s animal species, including more tigers and elephants than anywhere on the planet. Camera teams spent three years here, filming in mountains, deserts, jungles and oceans – and gained unprecedented access to some of India’s most famous national parks. This combination of dedication and skill has captured a wealth of memorable wildlife moments, set against some of Asia’s most mind-blowing landscapes.

In Mission Galapagos, Liz Bonnin and a team of expert presenters abseil into volcanoes, journey through mangroves to monitor baby sharks and free-dive off shore to tag mighty hammerheads and film baby sea lions at play. Scientists explore the extraordinary ways that local wildlife has adapted to island-life. From sunbathing penguins to iguanas that have learnt to swim, Mission Galápagos reveals just how far a species will stretch itself in order to survive.

One Wild Day premieres on October 5 – 7 at 8.30pm

India’s Wild Karnataka premieres October 8 at 9.40pm

Mission Galapagos airs October 8 – 10 at 8.30pm