BBC Earth Off To A Flying Start On Foxtel

BBC Earth Off To A Flying Start On Foxtel
An orange-dotted tuskfish holds a clam in its formidable jaws on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. These tuskfish are one of the few coral reef fish that use coral outcroppings as a tool. By forcefully smashing the clam on either side of the outcropping, the tuskfish is able to break apart its tough protective shell.

Ratings for the first week of BBC Earth show the new channel is off to a flying start on Foxtel.

 Replacing BBC Knowledge, figures show BBC Earth has increased audience share and brought in new audiences who are watching the channel for longer when measured against the performance of its predecessor.

In launch week, primetime share was up 67% on the previous three months for BBC Knowledge. The advertising demo of Live P25-54 also saw a significant increase, with primetime share up 60% on the previous three months, and primetime average audience increasing by 42%.  Primetime average time spent viewing was up 34% and 35% of the audience reached were new viewers.*

BBC Earth showcases a broad range of world-class factual programmes including the best of Sir David Attenborough from BBC Studios acclaimed Natural History Unit, alongside adventurous travels, human stories and science programmes from passionate experts such as Michael MosleyLouis TherouxKate HumbleProfessor Brian Cox and Ben Fogle

Tim Christlieb, Director of Branded Services, Australia and New Zealand said: “We are thrilled with the performance of BBC Earth on Foxtel.  In its first week we have seen bigger audiences with a stronger engagement compared to BBC Knowledge.  The strength of the global brand and the mix of natural history, science, travel and human stories are resonating with traditional BBC Knowledge viewers who are still able to see many of their favourite shows and presenters on the channel, as well as attracting new audiences to the channel.”

Upcoming shows on BBC Earth in November include the Australian premiere of Earth’s Natural Wonders, exploring some of the planet’s most breath-taking places and the extraordinary challenges they pose to the people that call them home.  David Attenborough explores intriguing stories of animal peculiarities in Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, charismatic wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan spends time with the bear cubs of the Bubonisty Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Russia in Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me and Sam Neill takes viewers on a journey through Wild New Zealand.