BBC Earth lines up some new programming this week

With 4 days of David Attenborough, complete BBC Earth has lined up some new programs for the channel.

Making their Australian premieres this week are:

Tribe, Animals & Me

From the lion-hunting San Bushmen of the Kalahari, to the Huorani Indians of Ecuador who search for giant green anacondas, from the Sepik River people of Papua New Guinea who hunt crocodiles with their bare hands to the shark people of the Solomon Islands, Gordon Buchanan meets the tribes who live alongside the world’s most feared animals. This series reveals the remarkable relationships between humans and the nature’s most dangerous creatures which are based on respect, bravery and an understanding of wildlife never seen before.

Tuesdays at 8.30pm from October 15


In every culture, our rituals reveal what it means to be human. They allow us to express our identity, join us together and help us navigate through life. This visually stunning series uses cinematic filming techniques to immerse viewers in incredible rituals practiced by cultures across the globe, from the cities of Japan to the jungles of New Guinea. These surprising rituals touch on moments we all experience – from birth and death to marriage and funerals. Highlighting ancient to modern ceremonies, Rituals captures the human race’s most remarkable stories, revealing in breathtaking detail the extraordinary and extreme rituals that connect us all.

This series contains four episodes which will screen Thursdays at 8.30pm from October 17

Wild Mexico 

With its lush tropical jungles, sunburnt orange deserts and deep blue lakes, Mexico is a country bursting with colour and life. Wild Mexico explores this unique country from the scorched north to the tropical south. Journey along the Sierra Madre Mountains, meet a diverse cast of creatures – including black howler monkeys, quetzals, monarch butterflies and Caribbean flamingos – and discover the explosive force of one of the most volcanic places on Earth. The series also examines Mexico’s rich culture, from the ancient Mayan Empire to the spectacular Day of the Dead festival. Discover the magic of Mexico in one of the most vibrant natural history programmes ever made

This series contains three episodes which will screen Saturdays at 7.30pm from October 19