Batten Down The Hatches And Take Cover as Keira hits Paradise

Last night, on a dramatic episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Keira Maguire’s arrival caused chaos in Paradise.

After giving Jamie her rose the night before, Brittney was hoping the pair could finally leave the friend zone. However, Jamie made it clear his focus was on Helena, Renee and Keira’s impending arrival.

Knowing how the process works, Keira was back to give it another crack at finding love. Before she could enter Paradise, she would need to play a game of blind date with the boys.

One by one all the bachelors answered a series of questions set by Keira, who was hidden from them behind a wall. After deliberating on the Q&A session, Keira decided Conor’s values aligned best with hers and he won a special single date.

Jamie could not stop talking about how much he wanted to meet Keira, which left Brittney feeling deflated and insecure about where that left her.

Osher announced that tonight’s Bula Banquet would focus on friendship roses.   At dinner, Jamie was nervous that the focus would be on him.

The first question saw everyone agree that friendship roses are only okay to stay one more week, but it should not be a constant exchange.

Jamie was finally put on the spot and confirmed that his roses to Brittney were friendship roses. Feeling their dysfunctional situation mirrored her previous relationship with Jules Bourne, Alisha broke down in tears.

Keira was asked whether her prime motivation in Paradise was to stir trouble. After Timm told Keira that Alisha had been talking about her earlier in the day, Keira took her to task over what was said behind her back.  Seeing Alisha distressed and uncomfortable, Glenn decided to chip in and defend her.

With Jess sick in bed, Ciarran took the opportunity to flirt with Keira and let her know that he thought she was spicy. Later, he fell asleep in ex-girlfriend Renee’s bed.