Bathroom Week kicks off on The Block Tree Change

Bathroom Week kicks off on The Block Tree Change

It’s six days to the first bathroom reveal and it’s freezing and cold and raining on The Block. Omar and Oz don’t have a certificate of occupancy yet for their house so they have to sleep in a tent. Tom and Sarah-Jane are the same and they have to camp as well.

Our contestants are starting to demo their bathroom areas and starting to organise tiles and everything else that goes into the room.

Rachel and Ryan, our couple from Sydney who replaced Joel and Elle at the last minute, wake up on The Block for the first time and they can’t believe they are here. They meet Keith and Dan and collect their tools from Mitre 10.

Scotty reveals his builders that are helping him with his build are previous contestants Duncan and Spence. Sarah Armstrong from The Block Shop will help him style the area.

Our contestants are shopping for the first time and there are some surprises. Omar is really good and quick, while Sharon takes more time.

There is a surprise builder on The Block, Paulee, who was Kirsty and Jesse’s builder last year, has turned up to help Omar and Oz. That need a bit of help after Keith shuts down their building site for an hour as there are too many cars in the driveway blocking access to House No.5.

In what could be a first, none of our contestants make waterproof Wednesday. They could be struggling to finish.


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