Banker cashes in love for Holey Moley triumph

Banker cashes in love for Holey Moley triumph
Holey Moley Australia 2020 Stills Photography By Paul A. Broben

Love was in the air for Holey Moley Singles’ Night, but banker Amy Morris chose competition over romance in a strategy that paid off handsomely.

While the 27-year-old did not leave with a companion on her arm, she did take home the plaid jacket, golden putter and a shot at the life-changing $100,000 in the Grand Final.

With a former golf professional and club champion in the family, Amy admits there’s a bit of natural talent in the bloodline, but her entry in the competition wasn’t her doing.

“My dad started my application without me knowing. He thought it would be good to get me out of my comfort zone and have a bit of fun,” said Amy, who dreams of spending some of the prize money on a holiday to Greece.

Amy dominated the Holey Moley course from the first round, zapping any chance of victory for her opponent Kate Samios on the brand-new hole, Frankenputt.

Next, Amy glided through Slip ‘N Putt and over her round two opponent, Anna Parkin, before facing-off against a shirtless Scott McCristal in the final round on the sinister Clowning Around.

Both dizzy and disorientated from putting inside a spinning wheel, Amy and Scott initially struggled to sink their putts on the rotating green. When Scott overshot an easy tap-in, Amy was back in the game and sunk the final putt claiming the win.