Backyard Backlash rocks The Block

Our Blockheads work feverishly in the final 24 hours before tools down, in what will be some incredible back gardens.

Kyle and Leslie are throwing everything at this week to win the $10,000, and don’t really have a back up plan for front garden week if they don’t take it out.

Kristy and Brett have a huge argument with their landscaper Dan after a number of things go terribly wrong, including no plants delivered and terrible mulch. It gets incredibly heated, and safe to say he won’t be back next week.

For the first time in the history of The Block, Scotty has someone help him with calling “tool’s down.” Thanks to Make A Wish, 10-year-old Jordy who has muscular dystrophy calls “tool’s down” with Scotty. From Adelaide, it was his dream and it came true.

It’s time for judging and Marty, Shaynna and Darren are joined by Block landscaping royalty Dave Franklin.

House 1 Kyle and Leslie spent $41,800

Despite all of their efforts it was mixed feedback for Kyle and Leslie, with some major issues in the judges opinion. The biggest issue was that the garden isn’t child friendly, in particular the pool which isn’t suitable for younger children. They felt there wasn’t enough grass and once again spatial planning issues. Shaynna felt the styling wasn’t up to scratch. Kyle and Leslie were devastated.

Score 33/40

House 2 Leah and Ash spent $46,360

The use of the space is incredible, all four judges loved Leah and Ash’s backyard. They thought they got the Plungie pool exactly right. The BBQ area was amazing, Dave Franklin thought it has a real xen  feeling to it.  Very livable for a family and marketable to the Hampton East buyer. Fantastic job.

Score 37.5/40

House 3 Kristy and Brett spent $40,649

On first impressions lots of positive feedback from the judges, they loved the size of the Plungie pool. But that’s where the positive feedback stopped. Dave Franklin hated the area, he thought it was a bad design, bad choices, and not great execution. Kristy and Brett agreed with him, they felt let down by their landscaper.

Score 28/40

House 4 Steph and Gian spent $71,704

Incredible feedback from start to finish. A real statement backyard. Marty thinks House No.4 will break the record for a house price in Hampton East. They loved all of Steph and Gian’s choices, including the plants, pool, tiles. They loved everything about it.

Score 38/20

House No.4 Eliza and Liberty spent $55,893

Unfortunately for Eliza and LIberty, not great feedback at all. The judges were brutal. They hated the concrete, and thought it was unnecessary. The furniture choice was slammed. The BBQ area felt like a shed according to Marty. The judges had nothing nice to say. This is devastating for Eliza and Liberty.

Score 27/40

Scotty reveals the scores and both Leah and Ash and Kyle and Leslie decide to keep their names to try and win the Ford Mustang next week.


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