Bachelors Walk Out and Sent Packing After Fiery Confrontation

Bachelors Walk Out and Sent Packing After Fiery Confrontation

Quality time to create connections is short and on tonight’s The  Bachelorette Australia, Elly and Becky enlisted the help of friends to as the real deal in the name of love.

Still reeling from last night’s cocktail party mass exodus, the remaining bachelors didn’t have much time to moan with the arrival of a single date card from Becky, with Pete her chosen man.

Revealing they would be taking in the sights of the Sydney by climbing the Harbour Bridge, Becky had another surprise waiting at the top as they were greeted by pop sensation Starley who performed her tune ‘Better With You’.

Sitting down for a more serious chat, Pete discussed his last relationship had ended a year ago. Shocked, Becky was concerned he wasn’t ready for this experience and a new start, but after chatting it through, Becky knew her feelings were right and laid both a kiss and a rose on her man.

Back at the Bachelorette Pad, Elly invited James over for a quiet night in. Settling in on the couch, James let his guard down and told Elly how strongly he felt for her. Next minute, it was a cheeky night swim where the pair couldn’t keep their lips off each other.

The following day saw cousin Mitch and Becky’s best mate Damo don driver caps and go undercover to chauffer Pascal, Damien, James, Adrian, Harry, Adam, Shannon and Frazer to their wakeboarding group date.

During the car ride, Pascal revealed his hand as he spoke poorly of Becky kissing more than one guy so far. The other gents, however, were not about Pascal’s quips, nicknaming him ‘Ratscal’.

Hitting the wake park, James showed off his pro wakeboarding skills, Shannon and Frazer crashed and burned, and Pascal talked up a big game but failed at the first hurdle.

the end of the date it was time to reveal the undercover operatives spying on the bachelors. Cousin Mitch and bestie Damo told the ladies point  blank that Pascal was talking nonsense about them and the other bachelors didn’t trust him.


At the cocktail party, Harry was first to grab Elly and see where her head and her heart was at. Missing his son like crazy meant Harry needed to know where he stood. Elly realised they’d missed their connection and Harry knew leaving and there was the right thing to do.


Sitting down with Aggi, Becky asked him point blank about Pascal’s behaviour when the ladies weren’t around. Admitting Pascal wasn’t being true left Becky fuming.


Confronting Pascal, Elly and Becky didn’t buy what he was saying and sent him home. With two bachelors having already departed for the night, no rose ceremony was required.