Bachelorette Hometowns full of drama leave Ali shocked

We have come to expect high drama when it comes to Home Town week on The Bachelorette and it delivered more than anyone could have expected.

First bachelor off the bench was Todd, who despite having spent the least amount of time with Ali, felt they had developed a real connection.

After a stunning day hiking through, Les Murdie falls in Perth, Todd dropped the bombshell that if his sisters weren’t fans of Ali then it would mean no deal for the two of them.

At family dinner, Todd’s younger sister Kerryn wasted no time telling Todd that she didn’t think Ali was a good match, that Ali was too old for him and that he didn’t share the same timeline as Ali. Kerryn then set her sights on Ali.

Ali was taken aback with the hard line of questioning, but it didn’t deter her. Even with their complicated timeline, she could still see a future with Todd.

Sharing a private moment, Todd expressed to Ali that he was falling for her and his heart is hers if she wants it. Is Todd the night in shining armour Ali has been searching for?

It was Taite’s turn next. Following a perfect date at Taite’s favourite pizza restaurant, Taite revealed to Ali who she would be meeting. When she arrived at the family home, Taite’s friend Phil was quick to take her aside to ask if she was trustworthy.

Despite her reservations, Taite’s sister, Skye, could see that Taite was smitten and his mother, Kerrie, was just as smitten with Ali.

When it was time to say goodbye, Taite couldn’t quite say the words that Ali wanted to hear, but with her feelings towards Taite growing, she held hope that he will get there.

Ali’s third stop on the home town tour was Melbourne, the home of Bill. With their relationship being somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, Ali was looking forward to meeting Bill’s family to get a gauge on what Bill is really like.

The hand break was quickly pulled on that idea when Ali learned that Bill’s family were all indisposed and, instead, she would be meeting two of his best mates Sam and Callum and a girl he met at the dog park, Amie.

Ali immediately sensed there was more to Bill and Amie’s relationship and she was determined to get to the bottom of it.  During a one-on-one with Amie, and after enduring a gruelling interrogation, Ali discovered that they had previously dated which made her question what kind of future she has with Bill, if any.

The final hometown saw Ali travel to Sydney, meeting Charlie at Coogee beach for a spot of paddle boarding. where she was eager to see the fun side of his personality.

While Ali was enjoying their date, it wasn’t too long before the mood changed, and Charlie blindsided her with the news that she would not be meeting his family as he didn’t feel it was right, telling Ali that he didn’t need their opinion to know how he feels.  Charlie gave Ali his demands. Be exclusive with him, and only then will he let his guard down.

Proving she is the one in control, Ali took Charlie aside before the rose ceremony and after some very tense words, mainly from Charlie, Ali asked him to leave the mansion. leaving Bill, Taite and Todd to lay it all on the line for love in finals week.