Bachelorette ends the bromancce

It was a jam packed episode of The Bachelorette last night.

After making a memorable first impression, Lee was the lucky recipient of tonight’s single date card. As the remaining Bachelors waved them off, Lee and Georgia hit the road in a classic car, which they quickly filled with laughter, puns and their favourite dad jokes.

Arriving at a marina, a treasure map on board a boat set the tone for the day. The duo’s sailing adventure led them to a tranquil and secluded beach, where a chest filled with cheese and wine awaited them.

As conversation flowed and their connection continued to strengthen, Georgia presented Lee with a rose, resulting in a much-anticipated kiss.


Back at the Bachelorette mansion, Tommy, Clancy, Cameron, Jake, Rhys, Aaron, Sam and Matty were chosen for the group date. Georgia decided to use the outing as an opportunity to highlight her trapeze instructor past, surprising and impressing her suitors.

First up on the swing, Rhys seamlessly carried off the trapeze catch, setting the bar high for the other Bachelors. Convinced he would also be able to nail the upside down trick, Sam was annoyed when his efforts fell short.

Matty’s gymnastics background proved to be a great advantage over his rivals. His toe pointing technique and enthusiastic nature managed to score him some coveted one-on-one time with Georgia.

As the pair enjoyed a glass of champagne and stared up at the stars from the trapeze nets, Georgia realised that she wanted to explore their unexpected connection further.

At the cocktail party, Courtney finally gave Georgia the Golden Date Card, which led to speculation from the other men as to who would accompany him on the group date he was organising.

Clancy literally dove at the opportunity to be involved and a flippant dare from Courtney saw him leap into the pool fully clothed.

In the third rose ceremony of the season, Georgia farewelled two more Bachelors: South Australian wellness coach Jay and Queensland marketing company CEO Aaron. After wishing Georgia luck for the rest of her journey, Aaron said: “It has been a good learning experience that has shown me that I definitely do want to find that perfect person for myself and to keep on searching.”

The Bachelorette Australia continues tonight when Courtney plays his Golden Date Card, taking Georgia on an action-packed single and group date.