Bachelorette breaks hearts and says Au Revoir to two Bachelors

Bachelorette breaks hearts and says  Au Revoir to two Bachelors

Tonight, we picked up right where we left off – the drama-filled Cocktail Party – which saw front-runner Ciarran storm out.

Given the Cocktail Party had been particularly dramatic, Angie hadn’t noticed that Ciarran had not been acting his fabulous, happy-go-lucky self. There was something he needed to tell Angie, but amid the chaos, he hadn’t had a chance to get a word in.

Devastated, he ripped his microphone off and demanded to leave the mansion. A shocked and confused Angie chased after him, to get some answers.

Ciarran broke down. He had received upsetting news that his Nan had passed away, and as a result had decided to leave the mansion. Among the heartbreak they both felt, Angie empathetically agreed that family comes first. An emotional kiss and a tearful farewell left Angie wondering, “what if he was the one?” as she watched his car drive away.

The next day, the mood in the mansion was at an all-time low, with the Bachelor’s still reeling from last night’s eventful Cocktail Party. They were not only rattled by Ciarran’s sudden departure, but also Jamie’s spiteful accusations.

Feeling she was in a funk herself, Angie whisked the wonderfully hilarious Timm away for a fancy single date, where they dressed to the nines and indulged in some exquisite caviar flown in from Iran.

Timm, found himself well and truly out of his comfort zone. From the tuxedo and caviar, to the pressure to cheer Angie up, he was visibly flustered and crumbled like a house of cards.

Trading his tux for trunks, the pair enjoyed their last activity on their date: a steaming, romantic, royal bath. Feeling like himself again, Timm plucked up the courage to let Angie know that she makes him nervous and that he was in a lot deeper than he had ever expected. Impressed by his vulnerability, Angie presented him with a rose and they embraced in a steamy kiss.

Later that night, the Bachelor’s waited for Angie to return to the mansion, hopeful that this might be the first Cocktail Party, sans drama.

Carlin was quick to whisk Angie away for the first chat, wanting some assurance that she trusted him and that their connection was real.

Next up was Ryan, whose calming energy was exactly what she needed. Like a knight in shining armor, Ryan assured her: “whilst it’s not always smooth sailing, I’ll always be here for you”. As they shared a passionate kiss, the  moment was curtly interrupted by a jealous Timm, who wanted to have the next chat with Angie.

Despite Angie’s time with Ryan being cut short, she wanted him to know how much she appreciated him and surprised him with a rose.

As the cocktail party ended, Jamie knew that it was now or never. He needed to redeem himself after last night’s accusations; otherwise he could be going home. Grasping at straws, he apologised for the negativity, but didn’t regret the turmoil he had caused. Still unimpressed, Angie cut the conversation short.


At the rose ceremony, it was no surprise that Jamie was left without a rose. As Angie walked him out, he asked to read her a heartfelt note that he had prepared for this very moment.

Upon leaving the mansion, a heartbroken Jamie said: “I honestly thought I was going to sweep her off her feet.”