Bachelorette Bombshell breaks four hearts

Bachelorette Bombshell breaks four hearts

In a massive episode of The Bachelorette, a shocking twist saw Georgia farewell, four bachelors.

With four Bachelors yet to secure a single date with Georgia, there was tension in the mansion when the red envelope was opened and Courtney’s name was read out, making him the first suitor to receive a second one-on-one date with Georgia.

Georgia approached the date with excitement and anxiety, certain of her strong feelings for Courtney but unsure if they were reciprocated. Boarding a small private plane, the pair flew to the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra for a play date with meerkats, a humorous kiss with a rhinoceros and a romantic chat in the lions’ den.

Laying her cards on the table, Georgia took the opportunity to get to the bottom of Courtney’s feelings for her. In a surprise move, Courtney answered her questions with a dazzling kiss, which managed to score him a rose.

Back at the mansion, the Bachelors were surprised when Osher arrived with news of a double date, which would see only one Bachelor return. As Rhys and Sam’s names were called, the rivals prepared themselves for a showdown for Georgia’s heart.

Arriving at Luna Park for a day of literal and figurative rollercoasters, both Sam and Rhys were both quietly confident that the other would be sent home.

When Rhys admitted that he was not necessarily ready to meet “the one”, Georgia realised they were not at similar stages in their lives and decided to send him home.

Georgia said: “I had thought that Rhys was ready to find the one, but he said he is not. He is not looking for the same thing as me. I’m here to find love and to fall in love. If I am getting any inkling these guys are not here for the same reason, I don’t want to waste my time and I don’t want to waste their time either.”

As Georgia and Sam got to know one another a little better, it quickly became evident that Sam was not on The Bachelorette Australia for the same reasons as Georgia. Without any fanfare, Sam’s bags were removed from the Bachelorette mansion, leaving the remaining Bachelors shell-shocked that they had lost another friend without being able to say goodbye.

Georgia said: “To be totally honest, I think Sam is here to get his face on television, get more modelling work, get a presenting gig or get an acting gig. Sam is not here for love.”

After already bidding farewell to two of her suitors, the seventh rose ceremony saw Queensland intruder Todd and Victoria’s Matt leave the mansion.

Todd said: “It was definitely tough coming in late. I think all the boys had established a pretty good connection with Georgia, so it was going to be hard to get past that.”

Matt said: “There’s no doubt I’m a little disappointed with the result tonight, I still feel that Georgia hadn’t had the opportunity to see me in my entirety. That’s okay though, it wasn’t meant to be.”

The Bachelorette Australia airs  Wednesdays and Thursdays at  7.30pm on Ten.