Bachelor in Paradise has a romantic conclusion

Bachelor in Paradise has a romantic conclusion

Here we go it’s our last night in paradise so lets get cracking.

As their time in paradise drew to a close, Jarrod and Keira, Grant and Ali, and Sam and Tara separated to reflect on their relationships before the forthcoming commitment ceremonies.

Jake and Megan were not completely sure of their relationship. Scared of getting hurt and rushing things, Megan made the difficult decision to leave paradise before the commitment ceremony, leaving Jake heartbroken and uncertain about their future.

For the remaining couples, they had been hoping to find love and make it to the final commitment ceremony since the start of their time in paradise.

Now that the day had finally arrived, a very nervous Jarrod arrived first and was greeted by  Osher . He told Osher he landed in paradise feeling vulnerable and unsure if he could love again, but then he met Keira and found his soul mate.

Jarrod waited by the beach for Keira to arrive. He told her she had opened a world of happiness for him and said the three magical words, “I love you”. Keira cried and Jarrod offered her a commitment ring. Keira gladly accepted the ring and the couple left paradise dreaming of the day they will turn their commitment rings into wedding rings.

Next was Ali, who met Osher by the doors to paradise. She told him she felt nervous, excited and was hoping Grant would propose today.

Ali could not hide her excitement when she saw Grant walking towards her. Holding hands, he told Ali he had fallen deeply in love with her and presented her with a commitment ring. Although an engagement was on her mind, Ali was pleased that Grant was still able to cement their relationship with a commitment ring and accepted it.

Ali then told Grant she sees them getting married, having two children and living an extraordinary life together. She offered him a commitment ring and the couple kissed and embraced each other.

Last was Sam, who told Osher how happy he was to have met Tara and that he was going to propose to her today. As he waited patiently, Sam was overwhelmed with emotions when he saw Tara walking towards him.

Tara told him she loved how he had never tried to change her and promised to never try and change him either. She offered him a commitment ring as she wanted to be with him forever, and Sam happily accepted it.

Full of nerves and excitement, Sam’s heart was racing as he prepared for the biggest moment of his life. He got down on one knee and with tears in his eyes, asked Tara to marry him. Tara was overwhelmed with joy and was also in tears, before saying a very happy “Yes”.