Bachelor in Paradise ends in tears as breakups occur.

As the last petal falls in Paradise, every moment counts. Our couples have very little time left to decide whether they are ready to say ‘I do’ to their boo or get cold feet and run for the hills.

Alisha’s goal for the evening was a mission impossible, and the struggle to get a straight answer from Jules was real. Jules couldn’t give Alisha what she deserves, and to add insult to injury, said he was ‘just trying to be  friendly.’ They were ‘friends who kiss’. I’m sorry… what?

This was a major blow to Alisha. How could someone throw away something so good?  The only positive out of their chat was that Alisha finally had Jules’ answer. They finally had closure. Right?  Wrong. Jules was baffled. When he interrupted her interview to find out what had just happened, she kindly translated in ‘Jules terms’. Alisha was “electing not to emotionally pursue him.” Touché.

On Alisha choosing to leave Paradise, Jules said: “Sometimes things don’t end perfectly. From this moment right now, if I am never to see Alisha again…shattered, shattered on levels that I can’t explain. And I’ll look back on this and probably want to slap myself in the face, because I probably deserve it.”

In the next cabana, Tenille and Nathan couldn’t have been more in love. Tenille’s Paradise ride had been full of unexpected turns, and Nathan was over the Fijian moon to be saying sayonara to Paradise with her.

Alex Nation’s feels for Bill were 100% legit. Their relationship was tested time after time, and finally they were ready to let their barriers down at the commitment ceremony.

On the flipside, Florence and Davey’s evening went downhill fast with Davey and Flo sleeping separately. While Davey  said he was all in and wanted to make their relationship exclusive, Flo’s gut was telling her otherwise.

Roses were upgraded to Rings and in the first commitment ceremony, Bill fumbled to get his words out. Tongue tied and tested, he had clearly practiced his speech in his bedroom mirror, but maybe not enough. His delivery wasn’t great, but he told Alex he loved her, and his words scored him an A++ in her books.  You could hear her heart racing as she reciprocated and gave him a ring to symbolise her commitment to him.

Nathan and Tenille were up next. Nathan presented her with a ring to symbolise how dedicated and serious he was to create a future with her outside of Paradise. Feeling that this was just the beginning of their love story, Tenille, gave him a ring to symbolise it was a yes from her.

Flo had experienced a rollercoaster of emotions with Davey. He was the main reason she came back to Paradise and she loved spending time with Davey,  however her main dilemma was trying to navigate whether they were better as lovers or friends. Could he be the Danny to her Sandy?

Right now, the only thing she was sure of was that she wanted him to be happy, and that something was not right. Davey took it like a champ and promised her that they will always be in each other’s lives, be friends, but this is just not their fairy tale.

However, every rose has its thorn and in an explosive Bachelor In Paradise tell all, Alex , Alisha Brittany. Brooke ,Davey, Ivan , Florence James ‘Jimmy’, Jules , Nathan , Paddy, Rachael, Shannon  Tenille  Vanessa Sunshine and Zoe  sat down with Osher to spill the beans about who’s with who, and what actually happened after Paradise.

When palm trees and tropics were substituted for cars, concrete and dog parks, Alex and Bill’s relationship faltered. While Bill wasn’t able to attend and tell his side of the story, Alex was quick to confirm that she was single and ready to mingle.

Meanwhile Nathan’s intentions were questioned as he was accused of ‘playing the game’ and not having legitimate feelings for Tenille, Zoe or Rachael. He and Tenille were well and truly over.

Shannon claimed that she was ghosted by Connor  and Ivan had an opportunity to reflect on his behaviour in Paradise and apologise in person to Tenille.

Davey and Flo finally had a chance to talk about their rocky ending after having little communication in the outside world.  After months of living under an ‘umbrella of ambiguity’ Alisha finally got the closure that she needed with Jules. Bachelor sweethearts Brooke and Cass have found love outside of the Bachie universe.  The rest is still unwritten.