Bachelor in Paradise breaks up a triangle

Tonight’s whirlwind episode of Bachelor In Paradise Australia saw two new arrivals a mystery resolved and a double elimination.

After his close friend Jake interrupted his lunch with Flo to ask her on a date, Davey was left reeling. The women’s power in the upcoming rose ceremony was still on everyone’s minds, with speculation mounting as to whether there would be any new arrivals beforehand.

During Flo and Jake’s date to a private waterfall, their dramatic history was brought up again. Flo was quickly swayed by Jake’s charms with the pair sharing a kiss in the water, before returning to a fuming Davey.

When Sam from Sophie’s season arrived, the Bachelors quickly realised their odds of staying in paradise were getting even slimmer. While Blake was thrilled to see his mate, Tara and Lisa were quick to declare Sam would not be getting any of the women’s roses. Flo told the other girls that while she had a great date with Jake, she was not sure about giving him her rose. After a quick chat with Davey, the pair agreed they would like to spend more time with each other.

The arrival of Laurina saw Blake’s jaw drop. With her long list of expectations fresh in her mind, Laurina asked Blake on a date. After enjoying some mud pampering on the beach, Blake was clearly smitten with Laurina. The pair shared a kiss before Laurina scored the date a 6.2 out of 10.

Brett’s relationship status came into question again tonight, with the Bachelorettes putting pressure on Tara to stop protecting him. An upset Tara felt people were accusing her of malicious gameplay. She took Brett aside to get clarification, with Brett doing his best to avoid saying he was in a relationship. But when a producer stepped in to get the correct facts, Tara realised there was more to the story and that she had been played.

Osher’s arrival led to the announcement they had all been waiting for: tonight would be the first rose ceremony. Jake felt confident he would receive Flo’s rose until Davey gave her flowers and told her he was smitten.

At the rose ceremony, Nina unsurprisingly chose Eden, Leah strategically picked Mack, Keira gave her rose to Sam, Lisa to Luke, Laurina to Blake and Tara controversially gave her rose to Michael. Last to give out her rose, an emotionally torn Flo decided to pick Jake.

As Flo’s tears flowed, the first two men to leave paradise were Brett and Davey. Brett said: “I am sad to be leaving paradise. It would’ve been really nice to stay until a certain someone from home arrived and to have had my own love story.” Davey was disappointed, saying: “I had my eyes on Flo from the start but it didn’t work out. Finding love is super important for me. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

Monday night will see the arrival of three new faces when Megan from Richie Strahan’s season, Ali from Tim Robard’s season and Jarrod from Sophie Monk’s season shake up paradise.