Bachelor hosts his own Olympic Games

With just 11 Bachelorettes remaining, the Bachelor mansion was abuzz when Osher surprised the ladies with not one but two date cards: a single date for Kiki and a group date for the other 10 Bachelorettes.

Alex, Faith, Georgia, Keira, Megan, Nikki, Noni, Olena, Rachael and Sasha ventured to Sydney Olympic Park for the inaugural Bachelor Games.

Hoping for a light-hearted day without competition, it was soon made clear that today’s group date would be Keira’s worst nightmare.

With three rounds consisting of Love Heart Archery, Zorb Ball Racing and Kangaroo Suit Wrestling, it was every Bachelorette for herself, as they fought it out for victory.

Keira came in second place, but Faith took out the gold medal spot, earning celebratory one-on-one time with Richie. After the two discussed the importance of family, Richie felt compelled to give Faith a rose and another kiss.

In an action-packed single date, Kiki joined Richie for a black ops helicopter ride. As the chopper twisted and turned thousands of feet above Sydney harbour, the pair realised they both share a love of adventure.

During a candlelit dinner under the stars, Kiki and Richie had an open conversation in which they both admitted to feeling lonely. While Richie felt unsure of his feelings for Kiki, he appreciated her honesty and decided to continue getting to know her.

Kiki returned to the Bachelor mansion with a rose but without a kiss, causing the other Bachelorettes to speculate on whether Kiki is Richie’s type.

At the cocktail party, Keira’s flirtation with Richie upset some of the other ladies. Alex wondered why Richie had not approached her for some alone time and worried that she may be going home. But it was Sasha, 31, who was the last woman standing without a rose.

As she drove away from the mansion, the Victorian-based executive assistant said: “It’s sad, of course, that I’m going home so early but fair enough. I’m not Richie’s type or we didn’t form the connection. I’ve always been prepared for love.”