Bachelor goes on a play date

Bachelor goes on a play date

Last night The Bachelor served up the perfect playdate.

The lucky recipient of the white rose, Alex, has had exclusive access to a private turret with Richie at the cocktail parties, but until tonight, she had not been selected for a single date.


Ecstatic to be chosen, Alex departed the mansion in a stretch limousine and travelled with Richie to the Camilla fashion house in Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Alex dazzled Richie with a fashion show before choosing a beautiful dress to wear for the day.

The pair enjoyed cocktails and Alex opened up further about her five-year-old son Elijah. As Richie and Alex discussed their potential future together, it became clear that Richie was open to the idea of starting a relationship with Alex and her son.

The date progressed to a rooftop, where the pair slow-danced. With the Sydney skyline in the distance, they shared a passionate kiss, before Richie presented Alex with a rose.

The  group date was full of laughter and tears. But this time, it was not the Bachelorettes who were crying. The ladies awoke to the sound of screaming babies and Kiki, Megan, Nikki and Sasha were each presented with life-like baby dolls which needed rocking, feeding, burping and changing.

Richie arrived at the mansion with a doll of his own and invited Noni to join the group date. But rather than caring for just one baby, Noni was the reluctant recipient of twins.

Over an entertaining game of mini golf and a champagne picnic, some ladies struggled with their new babies, while others juggled the responsibility with ease. When it was revealed that the babies were programmed with happiness sensors, Nikki was named the victor and scored some lucrative one on one time with Richie.

Back at the Bachelor pad, Richie and Nikki’s relationship continued to develop and the pair enjoyed their second kiss.

Returning to the cocktail party with a rose, Nikki was on cloud nine as she shared the details of her perfect afternoon. But when Nikki let slip that she kissed Richie, Alex was visibly upset. An emotional Nikki was devastated to think she might have upset one of her fellow Bachelorettes.

After impressing Richie by singing an original song to him on the first night, Eliza was eager to show the Bachelor more of her quirky personality. She took him aside and presented him with a blue velvet rose, explaining why she felt well-suited to him.

Eliza’s grand gesture did not prove enough to keep her at the Bachelor mansion, with the 31-year-old failing to receive a rose.

As the New South Wales event coordinator was driven away from the mansion, she said: “I was here to find real love and I didn’t want to hold myself back at all. I know that someone out there is going to take my hand and celebrate the woman I am and I can’t wait to meet him.”


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