Bachelor Gets Blunt as hometown Approaches

It was a massive episode of The Bachelor as two favorites left the mansion.

Today’s group date involved three different challenge rounds that tested Florence, Elora, Cobie, Tara, Laura and Elise’s compatibility with Matty.

The first round was a self-awareness exercise that required the girls to rate themselves from highest to lowest in a range of categories from the funniest to the most honest. The Bachelorettes with the highest score moved on the next round.

Eager to redeem herself with Matty after her failed attempt to kiss him last week, Elora refused to shuffle down from the top end of the line. Her bold move was met with frustration from the other girls, who felt her stubbornness to budge was selfish and inappropriate.

Elora, Florence, Cobie and Elise moved onto the second round, which required the Bachelorettes to guess Matty’s six relationship deal-breakers. Elora and Elise successfully identified that not wanting children, cheating, lying, stubbornness, bad manners and incompatibility in the bedroom were dating non negotiables for Matty and the pair moved to the next round.

The third and final round required the girls to write and read aloud what makes their perfect relationship and what they expect in return. Elise’s words struck a chord with Matty and she won a special date to Nova’s Red Room with musician James Blunt.

Sparks flew as Elise and Matty slow danced and kissed on the dancefloor and Elise realised she was developing strong feelings for the Bachelor.

With hometown visits around the corner, Matty was determined to see if he had a romantic connection with Cobie.

After a fun date competing in a tree-lined obstacle course, Matty broke the news to Cobie that he could not see romance blossoming between them and sent her home.

On her departure, the tearful coal plant operator said: “I feel heartbroken. I really liked him. I wanted to be the one at the end but if it’s not there, it is not there. You can’t find fate. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

At the cocktail party, Osher broke the news of Cobie’s departure to the remaining five Bachelorettes and revealed there would be another elimination at the rose ceremony.

Seeing her as a free spirit that he could not tame, Matty sent fitness trainer Elora, , home without a rose.

On her departure, an emotional Elora said: “I think he could have been the one if he had let it happen. From the start I saw some something with Matty. I feel heartbroken right now. I just don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense.”