Bachelor Explodes as two depart and two new arrivals

Bachelor Explodes as two depart and two new arrivals

Last night  saw the unexpected arrival of two new Bachelorettes and the shock departures of Bec, 28, and Emily, 31.

In a bid to make amends for his groundhog date disaster, Sam invited Bec on an adventurous indoor skydiving date, followed by a champagne sunset in the countryside. After an exhilarating day with plenty of laughs and obvious physical chemistry, Sam and Bec settled into a cosy gazebo to get to know each other.

While Bec began to open up about her trust issues and her feelings towards The Bachelor, Sam began to question if they had enough spark to form a serious relationship.

Not expecting to have this conversation on a date, Bec began to realise her time was limited.

They both decided that it was just not meant to be and Sam said an emotional goodbye to Bec, there and then. He then headed back to the mansion to tell the girls.

Bec, a dietitian from Sydney, said: “I guess departing in this way is a shock in that it was unexpected to happen here and now. It’s incredibly hard when you already have trouble investing in someone

and leaving yourself vulnerable to someone. “I think it impacted on me being able to be completely open with him and let myself go with him. I guess it’s something I need to go away and work on.”

The following day, Sam decided to surprise the Bachelorettes with a breakfast group date at the mansion. As he cooked pancakes and made himself at home, it was evident that some were less happy for Sam to see them in the morning light.

Later, Sam served up a sizzling second date for Sarah, taking her to the Bachelor pad for a blindfolded wine-tasting followed by cheese, kisses and a rose for the lucky lady.

Then, as the Bachelorettes enjoyed yet another cocktail party, two new arrivals sent shockwaves through the mansion and swept Sam off his feet.

Lana, 27, a communications assistant from Sydney, and Rachel, 29, a food blogger from Brisbane, arrived by limousine and were introduced to Sam.

As the ladies got to know their new room-mates, Sam stole a quiet moment with Emily in an attempt to work out his feelings towards her.

The chat left Emily confused and upset about her relationship with Sam leading into the most dramatic rose ceremony yet.

As Sam handed out roses one by one, it was Nina and Emily left waiting for one more chance to woo the man of the moment. But Emily suddenly stormed out of the room and Sam, unsure of what had happened, gave the final rose to Nina.

Emily, 31, an advertising executive from Melbourne, said: “I’m pretty sure that Sam would have given me the rose tonight, but after the conversation I had with Sam I think the damage has been done so severely that there is no recovering from it.



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