Bachelor blindfolds dates as things heat up

The newbies made their presence felt on last night’s Bachelor.

Date crashers Lana, 27, and Rachel, 29, settled into the mansion and caused quite a stir among the remaining Bachelorettes.

In an attempt to get past the barrier of physical attraction, Sam invited Rachel, Lana, Ebru, Nina and Snezana on a group date dinner party in complete darkness. Donning blindfolds, they headed into a pitch black room with a table set for lunch and their senses were heightened as they were forced to feel their way around the room.

The novelty of eating and drinking in complete darkness soon gave way to jealousy, as Lana emerged from the shadows to catch The Bachelor’s eye.

As the two flirtatiously fed each other in the dark, the others began to wonder what was happening in the corner. Lana, not afraid to put herself out there, won herself some alone time with Sam.

As they got to know each other in a candle-lit hotel room, their physical chemistry was obvious, with Sam admitting he had felt it the moment Lana arrived at the mansion.

Later, Sam treated Heather to the sweetest date yet, complete with an ice-cream truck and an allyou-can-eat dessert feast. The pair tucked into chocolates and sweets galore, all created by Melbourne dessert genius, Darren Purchese.

After fulfilling every big kid’s dream, Sam took Heather to a beautiful cosy retreat for a glass of red wine. They shared an intimate kiss and their thoughts on love and life.

When Sam produced a rose, Heather held back happy tears and let her emotions show. After the date, she admitted that she was falling in love with The Bachelor and that things were getting serious. Back at the mansion, as the girls prepared for another cocktail party, the tension was obvious and the gloves were off as they fought for Sam’s attention.

Disappointed that she hadn’t yet had the chance to go on a single date with Sam and unsure of how she felt about the intruders, Ebru was pensive as they entered the rose ceremony.

With seven girls remaining and just six roses, Sam made the tough decision to send Ebru home. Ebru, 31, a portfolio manager from Melbourne, said: “I’m quite shocked. It is unfair that I am going home before the intruders but if he wants to get to know the other girls better then that’s totally up   to him.

“I came in here looking for love and being heartbroken has not changed my opinion about love. I’m sure I’ll find it in the end.”