Australia’s Got Talent reveals final two slots for Grand Final

Australia’s Got Talent reveals final two slots for Grand Final

Australia’s Got Talent has closed out the semi final phase with the last two places in the Grand Final handed out.

MITCH TAMBO – Indigenous Artist

Mitch Tambo is the third two-time Golden Buzzer act through to the Grand Final, after a showstopping performance of Aussie anthem ‘You’re The Voice’ in his beautiful Gamilaraay language.

“When I auditioned for AGT my whole purpose was to show Australia my culture and how I’ve been influenced walking in two worlds,” he says. “And what happens when the oldest living culture on the planet combines with our contemporary influences and the beauty that can come from that.”

The inspiring 29-year-old started performing while he was a teenager growing up in Tamworth, learning traditional song and dance and yidaki didgeridoo.

“My purpose is to keep our culture alive and to empower our youth because I want all youth today to walk tall, be proud of their background, their culture, their language and where they come from,” he says. “And to everyone from all walks of life, cultures, minorities and religions to be proud of who they are, to love one another and embrace one another so we can all move forward.”

  • Nicole Scherzinger: “I respect you so much for preserving your culture and giving it a voice.”
  • Manu Feildel: “That was inspiring, 10/10 for me. If I could press play again I would.”
  • Shane Jacobson: “John Farnham would love that version. Well done, you smashed it!”
  • Lucy Durack: “You just made all of Australia so proud.”
  • Natalie Bassingthwaighte: “You are the new voice of our generation. I love you.”


Mum-of-three Kristy Sellars started pole dancing 12 years ago.

“I can’t believe six months ago I was giving birth to my third child and now I’m on Australia’s Got Talent,” she says.

Kristy meticulously combines her pole dancing with projections to tell a story and dreams of one day making a full length show to tour around.

“Being a mum is busy and its hectic and any mum will tell you there’s not a lot of time for yourself,” she continues. “I really hope I’m inspiring other mums to think about themselves and follow their dreams and every once in a while, putting yourself to the top is okay.”

  • Lucy: “You supermum, superhuman, superhero; that was so breathtaking.”
  • Nicole: “I just love getting lost in your worlds, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and experienced before.”
  • Manu: “Your bedtime stories must be amazing, unbelievable.”
  • Natalie: “I was taken away by what you just did. To come up with the concept is extraordinary but then to have the strength to do that… mumma, mumma, mumma!”

Also tonight:

TAJ FARRANT – Guitarist

·         Shane: “Mate, you are rock’n’roll acid, you are a rockstar.”

·         Lucy: “You are so excellent, you are a legitimate rock god.”

·         Nicole: “For you to take on such an iconic song and just shred is testament to how talented you are.”

·         Natalie: “Absolutely loved it, phenomenal.”


CHRIS VITNELL – Comedic Dancer

·         Manu: “It’s like 21st Century Marcel Marceau.”

·         Lucy: “You’re a magnificent reminder that no matter what happens to you in life you can pick yourself up and be better than you were before. You’re an inspiration.”

·         Natalie: “You took me on an amazing rollercoaster ride.”

·         Nicole: “You turned a tragedy into art that makes humans so happy.”



·         Nicole: “You brought me to tears. You’re like the Billie Eilish of dance. You cut straight to heart with that performance.”

·         Lucy: “Your ability to storytell with dance is magnificent.”

·         Natalie: “That was so awesome to witness, effortless. You’re a role model to young girls everywhere.”



·         Nicole: “I was completely in awe of your magical moves.”

·         Shane: “I have no idea how you did that.”