Australia’s Got Talent goes for a ride

Australia’s Got Talent goes for a ride

Things got a touch dangerous as Australia’s Got Talent continued tonight.

RETTY BOY SWAGG – Surprise Dance Crew

  • Shane: “We got to judge comedy, dance, a strip show… you did it all in one. That was fantastic, what a ride.”
  • Nicole: “All I kept thinking was that these guys should start an old folks Thunder From Down Under.”
  • Manu: “Is that what happens when you take Viagra? I just want to be moving like you when I’m your age. The choreography was fantastic, the humour was brilliant. I really enjoyed it.”


BORYS ZAGROCKI – Extreme Bicycle Stunt Rider

  • Manu: “It’s not the helmet I need, it’s a nappy.”
  • Lucy: “What you are doing is so dangerous and so thrilling and I loved it.”
  • Nicole: “The gnarliest, sweetest bike skills I’ve ever witnessed.”


EMMA KRAUSE – Mum Comedian

  • Lucy: “I’m so glad you’re doing this because I’m a mum too and if you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry.”
  • Shane: “Mate I’d come watch your gig anywhere; that was fantastic.”
  • Nicole: “I love your dry, dark sense of humour. I also love a good drink so anytime you want to have a drink I’d love to have one with you.”


GAYNOR TENSION – Liza Minnelli Impersonator

  • Nicole: “I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect that. You actually have a real talent; phenomenal performance.”
  • Manu: “Your voice is incredible.”
  • Lucy: “You took your moment and just smashed it.”


JAYDEN APPLEBY – First Time Singer

·         Nicole: “There is something to be said for just being yourself and being vulnerable.”

·         Manu: “Mate, you kept your nerve down. I think you have done a great job for a first timer that’s for sure.”

·         Lucy: “You have such a beautiful and unique voice and you have that raw passion. I was floored, that was magical.”

·         Shane: “Some people sing songs at people and some people like you make people feel songs. You have a gift; you’re amazing.”