Australia’s Got Talent finds it’s penultimate grand finalists

Australia’s Got Talent finds it’s penultimate grand finalists

Last night Australia’s Got Talent found a few more grand finalists they were.



Singer, 10, Far North Queensland QLD


Dean Brady is a gorgeous 10-year-old boy from Cairns. He has a spectacular singing voice which is accompanied by his proud father on the guitar. They are a very musical family with mum Trevelyn also being an amazing singer. Dean has only started performing publicly in the last year. Both mum and dad are crisis care workers.


SIngers, Mike 53 & Steve 50, Adelaide SA


Mike and Steve were both singing and playing trumpet by age 14. Growing up they would perform for their Irish/Sri Lankan family every Sunday. These brothers have an innate sense of each other in every song. Together they’ve been a part of the jazz/cabaret circuit for the past 20 years. Their father was taken ill before their audition so they were disappointed he couldn’t see them perform, however their devoted mother was in the audience along with both their wives. The brothers are inspired by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. The judges are charmed by the talent, personality and warmth of the Foenander brothers

Australia’s Got Talent airs 6:30 PM Sunday on Nine

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