Australia’s Got Talent February 22

The auditions have unearthed plenty of genuine talent as well as a smattering of the truly bizarre and tonight the competition really starts to heat up.

Competing in the first semi-final are:


Opera singer

McDonald’s worker Alysha moved to Australia from the UK nine years ago. She found the transition hard but began classical training and found joy in opera singing. Alysha met her husband when they were both working at McDonald’s. This hardcore heavy metal fan may love her food and music fast and hard, but when it comes to singing she has the voice of an angel and is hoping her semi-final performance, singing a favourite fromPhantom of the Opera, will win over the judges.


Comedy dance troupe

Phly Crew have been dancing together for five years. Beginning as a duo with James and Neale in 2009, the group expanded and describe themselves as a mix between hip hop and Monty Python. Founding member James chose dance over volleyball after he was offered a scholarship to the USA, following captaincy of the NSW State team. The quirky, comedic nature of Phly Crew brought a smile to the faces of the judges, but will it be enough to deliver for the troupe in the semi-finals? 


Glam rock band

This band of brothers is made up of Brennan, Bryce and Austin. Originally from Collie in WA, they moved to Melbourne with their mum to pursue their dream while their dad is still back home working in the mines. The boys’ dad is the reason they formed an 80s glam rock band. He was a drummer and a huge Kiss fan. Performing an original song, the boys are hoping the judges and Australia will want to rock ‘n’ roll all night.



Taxi driver Pardeep is a Michael Jackson dance impersonator who works as a cabbie in Young, NSW. The married father of two started dancing at the age of 11 when he was living in India. He did his MJ routine at his university graduation party back home in India, and here in Australia at his boss’s birthday party. He thrilled the judges during his audition and is hoping he’ll be more dangerous than bad in his semi-final.



Mick and Emma have a brother/sister relationship. They partnered when Emma was five and Mick was 12 and have been performing together ever since. Their act is a mesmerising aerial performance and their dream is to one day be a part of Cirque du Soleil. Their spellbinding performance during the auditions earned them a Golden Buzzer straight through to the semi-finals and tonight they’re out to hit next level.



Eleven-year-old Violeta started singing at five. A well-rehearsed performer, she has two lessons per week, one piano and one vocal. She comes from a close family who help with her performances – her father is her manager and her mum, a hairdresser, does her hair and makeup. This pint-sized schoolgirl amazed the judges with her beautiful voice, and for the semi-finals she tackles one of the most popular and challenging songs in the world. 

 7:30 pm Tonight on Nine