Australia’s Got Talent auditions turn into Magic Mike

Australia’s Got Talent auditions turn into Magic Mike

It was a Magic Ivan night on Australia’s Got Talent but while he failed to set the judges alight there was plenty of other talents on show.

TEAM ADRENALIN – Acrobatic Gymnastics Troupe

Nicole: “It was like an art piece, so powerful, so strong, so commanding. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before on this stage.”

Manu: “It was beautiful entertainment, very professional and technically perfect. I want to join you guys, I loved that.”

Shane: “That was like watching the inner workings of an engine, everything was working in perfect harmony, it was thrilling.”

JAEL WENA – Singer

Lucy: “That was absolutely astonishingly good.”

Shane: “I’ll tell you how great that was Jael, you made me feel like a natural woman and that takes some work.”

Nicole: “I can’t believe you are only 13 and the voice that comes out of you… the tone already is so rich and beautiful, so much control. I can tell you love singing and that’s what makes me happy, I see a lot of potential in your future.”


Shane: “You might want to cover that rig up there Ivan, our insurance doesn’t cover heart attacks in the audience.”

Manu: “I love cheese, a lot, but that was a little too cheesy for me mate, sorry.”

Nicole: “Well I love cheese too and I couldn’t get enough of that cheese, so pour some cheese on me.”

 Lucy: “I really like the way you emote through dance and I can see that it’s your passion.”

SAKSHAM – Magician 

Manu: “Unbelievable!”

Lucy: “That was thrilling and mind boggling.”

Nicole: “You’re up there my friend. You have a gift and you’re meant to be doing this.”

AMY WATSON – Freestyle Indoor Skydiver

Shane: “I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life, you’re like a ballerina in the sky.”

Nicole: “That was so cool. You’re like a real-life rocket girl.”

Lucy: “You are a superhero in real life, that was exhilarating. I really want to have a go.”


Manu: “It is very, very impressive what you’ve done but you know that you can buy nail guns now, you don’t need to use your hands.”

Shane: “When a comedian says, ‘Oh I really died out there’, they don’t die, just no one laughed at a joke. But I actually thought you were going to die up there.”

Nicole: “I think you are the real deal.”

LARISA MAGDA – Contemporary Dancer

Nicole: “What I witnessed up there was unconventional, it was graceful, it was powerful, and you are truly special.”

Manu: “Beautiful with a big B.”

Shane: “You got an entire audience on its feet through dance and do you know why? Because you’re incredible, well done.”

Lucy: “That was extraordinarily powerful, and I just know you made your sister very proud.”

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Lucy Durack – Blind singer/pianist PAUL KAPELERIS, Sydney

Ricki-Lee – 15yo singer OLINA LOAU, Sydney

Shane Jacobson – 7yo comic JJ PANTANO, Melbourne

Manu Feildel – acro-dance troupe AKROBATIKA, Central Coast