Australia’s Cheapest Weddings begins tonight on Seven

Australia’s Cheapest Weddings begins tonight on Seven

Seven has made a quick change to tonight’s schedule.

Following Zumbo’s Just Desserts will be Australia’s Cheapest Weddings.

Australia’s Cheapest Weddings follows couples as they plan their perfect wedding – on a tight budget! These couples will do anything to prove you can have champagne taste on a beer budget, but low costs can cause high dramas as these brides are pushed to their limit.

Tonight’s episode synopsis  follows

The Jindalee Bowls Club plays host to a very unlucky couple whose budget wedding turns into a nightmare. First the best man bails on the groom, then the DJ can’t make it, and then the caterer doesn’t turn up… and that’s just the beginning of their troubles. However, on Norfolk Island the entire community pulls together an amazing feast for Zach and Emily’s wedding. The couple is gifted flowers, food, decorations and a stunning old hall… And the entire cost is just $90.
And in Queensland, an Argentinian model has to choose between her dream wedding and a visa to stay in the country. So it’s a dream reception in true Aussie style with a backyard barbeque.

Australia’s Cheapest Weddings airs 9pm Tonight on Seven