Australian Survivor’s Top 10 Contestants Revealed.

Australian Survivor’s Top 10 Contestants Revealed.

Australian Survivor is heading towards the home stretch with 10 castaways left .

Tension was in the air at Fia Fia and Sam faced a backlash from the tribe for unsuccessfully targeting Nick at last night’s Tribal Council, instead of sticking with the plan to vote for Kate.

Concerned that Sam was playing the game emotionally, Brooke pulled him aside to talk strategy.

Sticking by his actions and offering no apology, Sam cemented his desire to remove Nick once and for all from the game.

The pressure of the game finally proved too much for Nick. Convinced he was next to be eliminated, Nick broke down in tears to El.

The Reward Challenge required two teams of five to slide into the water and manoeuvre a ring through a series of obstacles. Once on the beach, the teams had to toss their rings onto five pegs. With letters from home up for grabs, contestants were determined to land their rings the fastest.

While Flick, Brooke, Matt, Sue and Jennah-Louise put in a stellar effort, it was Lee’s cricket arm and Kylie’s incredible aim that helped take their team to victory. In a heart-warming act of sacrifice, Kristie and El gave up their letters in place of Matt and Flick, who they felt needed the words from home more.

Sam, Nick, Matt, Flick, Lee and Kylie were greeted with herbal tea and the opportunity to finally hear from loved ones. Having been away from home for 42 days, reading through the letters was an emotional experience.


Today’s Immunity Challenge saw the Fia Fia tribe clinging on to poles in a battle that tested their endurance and determination. Knowing his place in the game was literally hanging in the balance, Nick held on tight but was no match for Kylie and Brooke. After a record-breaking six hours, Brooke conceded defeat in exchange for a letter from home.

Having played his Immunity Idol and without the security of the Immunity necklace, Nick knew he had to hustle if he wanted to survive Tribal Council.

Determined to finally get his revenge on Sue, whom he had not forgiven for previously voting against him, Nick hatched a plan with Sam, Flick, Brooke and Lee to have her eliminated. While he agreed to vote Sue to keep Nick unsuspecting, Sam was plotting to take him down in a blazing blindside.

At Tribal Council, drama reached fever pitch when Nick’s character and integrity in the game was questioned by Sam.

Receiving eight out of the 11 votes, Nick used the time before his exit to expose the cracks within the core Fia Fia alliance.

Excited to see him leave, the remaining tribe members were shocked to discover Nick would become the first member of the Australian Survivor jury. Sitting in on the next 10 Tribal Councils, Nick will contribute to a vote that will see someone leave the game with $500,000 and the title of Sole Survivor.

Nick’s elimination brings with it another milestone reached for the remaining contestants: Australian Survivor’s Top 10. The Top 10 are Sue from Western Australia; Brooke and Kylie from Victoria; El, Flick and Lee from Queensland; Matt from South Australia; and Kristie, Jennah-Louise and Sam from NSW.


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