Australian Survivor Swings The Axe

Australian Survivor Swings The Axe

This would have to be one of the Australian Survivor strangest tribals.

After Hayley fell on her proverbial sword and made an earnest speech to repair her relationships since re-entering the game, it was time for the Reward Challenge. Two teams of five raced out to a pontoon to memorise a sequence of symbols. Dani, Flick, Wai, Gerald and Laura emerged victorious, winning Reward and a trip to the Outback Pub to enjoy a finger-licking feast.  

Late at the Immunity Challenge, Survivors suspended a weighted disc with their feet, with the winner being the last person left holding their disc. It was down to Andrew and Flick, before JLP announced their hands needed to stay behind their heads. After subconsciously adjusting, Flick moved her hand, thus eliminating her from the game and allowing Andrew to take out Individual Immunity.

Back at camp, while the Brawns were down at the billabong and keen to take the Brains all the way to the end, George pitched Gerald for a blindside. While thrilled the heat was off her, Hayley wasn’t sure if she was able to trust George.

As JLP counted the votes at Tribal Council, Flick used her Idol for Emmett, throwing Dani’s game plan out the window. And as karma would have it, her name came up three times. Then it was onto the Brains votes where George’s plan worked a treat; Gerald’s torch was snuffed, and we were given our second member of Jury.


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