Australian Survivor season 2 Promo

The highly-anticipated return of Australian Survivor is imminent. 

Season two of the critically-acclaimed human drama will see the country’s best game players take Australian Survivor to a whole new level.

A former special operations commander, an endurance athlete, a marriage celebrant, an Olympian, a doctor, an adventure guide, a plumber and an international poker player are just some of the contestants selected from over 20,000 applicants.

Their bodies will be pushed to the extreme, as they compete in epic, physically demanding challenges, while they mentally navigate their way through cunning and strategic gameplay. Over 55 days, they must outwit, outlast and outplay each other to become the sole Survivor.

Hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia and set in the stunning tropical paradise of Samoa, Australian Survivor is currently in production and will return to television screens later this year.

 Who will have what it takes to win the world’s greatest game?