Australian Survivor: More Contestants Revealed.

Ten has revealed more cast for the upcoming season of Australian Survivor.

Sam, an astrophysicist from QLD, will be adding his intellect to the Champions tribe while sales rep Anita and delivery rider Steve K, will be making their mark on the game for the Contenders.

This season, Australian Survivor takes it to the next level when the Contenders – 12 ordinary Australians – take up the challenge against the Champions, 12 people who have already proven themselves and risen to the top of their fields.

For 50 days, these 24 contestants will have to survive the elements, face huge physical challenges and out manoeuvre their competitors in order to become the Sole Survivor.

Sam, Anita and Steve K will be joining the already announced: Moana Hope, Mat Rogers, Shane Gould, Robbie, Tegan and Jenna.

Sam, Astrophysicist: At the age of 26, Sam is already a top astrophysicist, a robotics and software engineer and an astronomer who has won the Bok Prize, a prestigious award for Australian masters students. Sam is currently completing his Doctorate of Philosophy and has had 16 academic works published. He’s been invited to universities around the world to lecture and has been impressing professional industry leaders at each destination.


Anita, Sales Rep: Recently celebrating her 50th birthday, Anita is a sales rep and mum of four who is determined to prove to the younger generation she can keep up with anything they throw at her. A Survivor Superfan, getting a place among the castaways was on Anita’s bucket list. Now she’s out to make her family and friends proud and to show them that anything’s possible if you put your mind to it.

Steve K, Take Away Delivery Rider: One of the biggest characters to hit the island, Steve lives by the motto, ‘comfort is a wonderful place to be in, but you never grow there.’ He lives a diverse life and has had a varied career as a sustainability consultant but has since taken a break from his career and is now working as a takeaway delivery rider because he enjoys the look on people’s faces when their food is delivered.