Australian Survivor loses its favorite contender

Australian Survivor loses its favorite contender

Australia was left devastated with the reveal of the latest jury member.

After last night’s truly epic Tribal Council, where supermodel David was voted out of the game, Luke decided it was time to have some fun and recruited Baden and Harry to help him steal the pot, fire and rice and have a secret dinner on the beach, while everyone else slept.

The next morning, Daisy went on the hunt for an Immunity Idol and was lucky enough to find one near the well. However, she was quickly caught out by Luke and Pia who suspected she had one in her hand, which she couldn’t deny.

At the Reward Challenge, there was a Chinese lunch delivered by Deliveroo up for grabs. In pairs, contestants had to hold poles with an Idol on top and keep it from falling as they added more height.

Janine and Abbey took out the win, taking Simon with them. Lucky for Harry, he sat out the challenge but bet that the ladies would win and was able to join them as well.

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants had to plank over water and after more than 20 minutes holding their body weight, AFL superstar Simon won Immunity.

At Tribal Council, Daisy sat down and put her Idol on, sending a clear message to the Champions alliance that she intended to play it for the Contenders.

Before the votes were read, Daisy played the Idol for herself but majority of the votes were tied between Abbey and John, forcing a re-vote. Unfortunately for John, he was voted out and became the third member of the Jury

John and his mullet quickly became a fan-favourite this season. From the physical strength he brought to the challenges, to his nudie run and the way he could seductively describe the ingredients of a Mexican parmigiana, John had it all but with his torch snuffed out it truly is anyone’s game as we head into the final few weeks.