Australian Survivor: Blood V Water begins with an epic blindside

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water begins with an epic blindside

In tonight’s premiere episode of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, our 24 castaways were out for blood as they began the ruthless battle for the ultimate title of Sole Survivor.

Racing head-first into fighting for their fire reward, we saw our tribes competing against their loved one to retrieve a tyre in the water and tackle it back to their team’s post.

Both tribes dug deep, desperate to start the game with the best advantage. It was neck and neck until the final round, which saw Queen Sandra take on her equally fierce daughter, Princess Nina, who stole the win for Blue, winning the first Reward.

Riding the sweet victory buzz back at Blue camp, eager return player Andy showed the tribe that it’s not his first rodeo and took the lead building the camp shelter, rearing his head as a target right away. This was a welcome relief for ex-SAS specialist Mark, who plans to play covertly and was happy to watch Andy self-implode.

Red tribe walked into the first Immunity Challenge on an empty stomach, but they soon discovered that Blue tribe was a man down as Alex had agitated his back. Red was the first team to smash all their targets and win Immunity, sending the Blue tribe to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Andy was on a vocal mission to put a spotlight on how Alex’s absence at the challenge compromised the tribe’s performance. But smooth operators Mark and Nina discreetly discussed what everyone was thinking, and called out Andy as being a shifty player that could blow up their games at any moment. Nina rallied Jordie, Khanh, KJ and Mel to vote out Andy, who all agreed that Andy’s strategy was a ticking time bomb.

At Tribal Council, Andy felt confident that he had a watertight grip on the game, but as JLP read out the votes, he quickly realised his social game had failed him once again. 

On being voted out, Andy said: “That was the consummate blindside, 100% surprised, total shock. It’s really hard to say what went wrong. I built a pretty good shelter on day one! For whatever reason, they decided I’m the first to go. I’m a returning player, these guys are all playing for the first time, and they pulled the wool over my eyes amazingly well. I really hope someone from this tribe loses to my little sister Kate.”

Sent packing with nine votes, return player Andy was the first person to be eliminated from Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, leaving his sister Kate to fight for them for the title of Sole Survivor.


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