Australian Survivor: All Stars. Full Castaways Revealed.

Australian Survivor: All Stars. Full Castaways Revealed.

It’s time to pull out the reef oil and get your buff on, because the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.

Tonight, 24 giants of the Australian Survivor game are back. All Stars in their own right, and ready to battle it out in the world’s toughest game, it really is anyone’s game.

Whether they’re back for redemption, revenge or reward, one thing’s for certain; this is All Stars and this is

Making their triumphant return to the Survivor stage are:

Season 4 – David, Harry, Abbey, John and Daisy.

Season 3 – Mat, Moana, Lydia, Sharn, Shane, Shonee and Zach.

Season 2 – Jericho, Locky, Henry, Tarzan, Jacqui, Michelle and AK.

Season 1 – Lee, Phoebe, Brooke, Flick and Nick.

Abbey – Season 4 

A major physical threat in Season 4, Abbey was untouchable within her alliance, consisting of winner Pia Miranda and Janine ‘The Godmother’ Allis. Having made it to Jury Villa, Abbey is back for All Stars and ready to take things to the next level.

AK – Season 2 

Who could forget AK’s infamous fake chicken idol? Anyone who watched Season 2 will remember AK as the sneakiest player on the island and with the ultimate title of Sole Survivor up for grabs, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the ruthless DJ.  

Brooke – Season 1 

For Brooke, there’s one reason to return for Australian Survivor: All Stars – Flick. The Season 1 betrayal of best friends Flick and Brooke went down in Australian Survivor history. And Brooke is back for revenge.

Daisy – Season 4 

Lovable and loud, Daisy is the youngest player on All Stars. After making it to Jury Villa in Season 4, Daisy is coming back stronger and more determined to win. But will she be able to find an alliance as strong as her partner in crime, Shaun?

David – Season 4 

The devious but much-loved Golden God returns! After letting his ego get the best of him, not only was David blindsided, but he also went home with the idol in his pocket. Has everyone’s favourite villain learnt from his mistakes?

Flick – Season 1 

In one of the most jaw-dropping moves of Season 1, Flick ruthlessly blindsided her closest ally, Brooke. With both women returning to All Stars, Flick knows she needs to watch her back if she’s going to take out the title of Sole Survivor.

Harry – Season 4 

Dirty Harry, the stick chewing, Janine baiting, lovable villain is back again for a second chance at taking out the win. Making it to the final three in Season 4, Harry just missed out on being in the final Tribal Council and he isn’t planning to let that happen again.

Henry – Season 2 

Fake yoga teacher, Henry went down in Australian Survivor history as the first person to leave the game with an idol in his pocket. After playing dirty in Season 2, Zen Hen 2.0 says he’ll be playing an honest game this time around. But we all know he can’t be trusted.

Jacqui – Season 3 

Jacqui is out to prove that a 52-year-old can take on people half their age and make it to the end. People often think of her as a sweet marriage celebrant who wouldn’t hurt a fly but let’s not forget Jacqui is also a professional body builder who can take on any one of these All Stars on any day of the week.

Jericho – Season 2 Winner 

The Cookie Monster is back for more! After taking out the title of Sole Survivor in Season 2, Jericho has a clear target on his back. But that won’t stop him from fighting hard and doing whatever it takes to win yet again. And hopefully steal a few more cookies along the way.

John – Season 4 

Did someone say nudie run? Known for his fashionable mullet and nudie runs along the beach in Season 4, John is the Aussie larrikin that took everyone by surprise. Yes, he’s a challenge beast but he’s also single. Did you hear that, ladies? Single.

Lee – Season 1 

The original nice guy and runner up of Season 1, Lee is back for All Stars and his second chance at taking out the win. As the unofficial hero of his season, Lee believed, and still does, that playing honestly can take you all the way.

Locky – Season 2 

One person who will find it hard to go under the radar is Locky. Not just because of his athletic ability but because he’s one of the biggest guys to ever play Australian Survivor. At over six foot, Locky is a challenge beast like no other.

  Lydia – Season 3 

One of the most competitive and accomplished physical players the show has seen, Lydia returns in full game mode. After being ruthlessly blindsided in her season, Lydia is out for blood.

Mat – Season 3 

The Godfather returns, and he’s ready to go! NRL and Rugby Union legend, Mat has become one of Australian Survivor’s most recognisable faces. Still reeling from leaving the game with an immunity idol in his pocket, Mat’s number one fear coming back to the game is being blindsided again.

Michelle – Season 2 

Having made it to the top four of Season 2, Michelle turned out to be a strategic player who was grossly underestimated. If the others know what’s good for them, they won’t overlook her as a major threat.

Moana – Season 3 

Back for redemption and a second chance for the win, Moana returns to All Stars. After controversially leaving the game early in Season 3, Moana has unfinished business she needs to settle and she isn’t going to let the opportunity pass her by.

Nick – Season 1 

Australian Survivor’s original snake couldn’t resist the opportunity to do it all again as an All Star. With a young baby at home, Nick is prepared to sink his fangs into anyone who stands in his way.

Phoebe – Season 1 

If anyone had a run of bad luck during their season, it was Phoebe. The ultimate battler who was constantly knocked down but managed to crawl back every time, Phoebe is the one player who can handle anything that gets thrown at her.

Shane – Season 3 Winner 

Not only is Shane Gould an Australian Icon and Olympic legend, she’s also the oldest Australian Survivor winner. She knows she’s a target from day one but Shane isn’t afraid of a little competition. Or as she so aptly puts it: “Don’t f*ck with Shane Gould’.

Sharn – Season 3 

Straight talking and secret strategist, Sharn is coming back for her second  chance to finally take out the win. After coming second to Shane Gould, Sharn is chomping at the bit to do it all again. Only this time, she isn’t willing  to accept anything other than the winning title.

Shonee – Season 3 

Shonee was the last Contender standing in Season 3, making it to top four. A happy go-lucky player, Shonee was misjudged throughout her season and she hopes they do it all again for All Stars.

Tarzan – Season 2 

Tarzan is one of the most loved players in Australian Survivor history. However, being too nice is ultimately what cost him the game. Having learnt a few tricks along the way, Tarzan is ready for a re-match!

Zach – Season 3

One of the most controversial players to hit the island, Zach was not a favourite among his past castaways. Having learnt from his mistakes, Zach is ready for a do-over and the chance to prove to everyone that there’s more to him than what meets the eye.

The previous four seasons of Australian Survivor has seen the contestants take part in four massive battles that pushed them to their physical, mental and emotional limits. But that was nothing. This is All Stars.