Australian Singing Superstar Revealed As Masked Singer Winning Robot.

Australian Singing Superstar Revealed As Masked Singer Winning Robot.

Over the past five weeks,The Robot has outwitted, outlasted and outplayed (okay wrong show… but it still works, right?) his 11 character counterparts. Tonight, Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson was crowned the first winner of The Masked Singer Australia.

In the spectacular Grand Finale, Cody took out the coveted title ahead of Neighbours star Rob Mills (aka Wolf) and The Project panellist Gorgi Coghlan (aka Monster).

The final group performance, saw the original 12 kooky characters take to the stage for a phenomenal rendition of This Is Me, a song made famous by Keala Settle for the film, The Greatest Showman.

For his final solo performance, Robot rocked the house down with his performance of Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory, and our crack unit of powerhouse detectives Lindsay Lohan, Jackie O, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue took their final stabs at who was behind the Robot mask.  

Dave Hughes guessed 5 Seconds Of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin, while Dannii and Jackie were convinced it was Niall Horan and Liam Payne from One Direction fame.

With Cody having dated her sister Aliana, Lindsay had a lightbulb moment at the end of his final performance, guessing his truly. And as it turns out… Cody still owes Lilo for some furniture she purchased when he and Aliana were an item. #Awkies

On winning The Masked Singer Australia, Cody said: “I’m mates with Niall and Ashton… I am going to make sure they watch it. This is a top shelfer in the cabinet for sure!”

For second runner-up Gorgi, donning a Monster costume as part of this crazy show was close to her heart.

Reducing the panel to tears, an emotional Gorgi said: “Mum has always said to me, why are you wasting that beautiful voice? Mum had a really tough battle with brain cancer 18 months ago. Mum… this is your wish. Here I am.”

For runner-up Rob, The Masked Singer Australia was a chance to reignite his love of performing.

The man behind Wolf told host Osher Günsberg: “I have been doing Neighbours for the past couple of years and I am always in a studio with a crew and no audience. I needed a stage and I wanted to have some fun.”

So what do we do now, with a giant The Masked Singer Australia shaped hole in our lives? Fear not Australia, for the greatest guessing game returns to 10 in 2020.