Australian Ninja Warrior casting for Season 6

Australian Ninja Warrior casting for Season 6

In an Australian Ninja Warrior first, casting will now be open to Ninja hopefuls from the age of 16.
After five years of the blockbuster program on Channel 9, the minimum age for applications for Season 6 has been lowered from 18 to 16, expanding the field of potential Australian Ninja Warrior champions. Can history be made with a 16-year-old athlete becoming the youngest person to claim the title?
Australian Ninja Warrior has captivated the nation and the smash-hit program will go superhuman in 2022 when the global phenomenon is completely reborn.
The next series will be supercharged with a whole new attitude and an extreme new course. Delighting and exciting fans, the transformation will push Ninjas into uncharted levels of punishing endurance.
Everyday athletes will once again put their bodies on the line to tame the world’s most difficult obstacle course and see if they have what it takes to conquer awesome Mt Midoriyama and win the coveted Ninja title, along with a potential prize jackpot of $200,000.
And stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months that will bring a whole new dimension to the format and completely amplify Ninja in 2022.
Applications for Season 6 are now open at:


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