Australian Idol returns to uncover next generation of singers

<strong>Australian Idol returns to uncover next generation of singers</strong>

The new era of Australian Idol finally kicked off tonight with the nation’s brightest singers giving it their all to score a Golden Ticket and a place in the coveted top 50.

First up, 16-year-old Amali Dimond impressed judges Harry Connick Jr, Meghan Trainor, Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark with her rendition of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. Her performance moved Harry: I love your voice, I really do. If you get voted through, we have a competition. Because you would be very, very difficult to beat.”

Perth based café worker Sharin Attamimi’s jazz interpretation of Leave the Door Open by Silk Sonic received the first “yass queen” of the series from an ecstatic Meghan. Straight-shooter Kyle’s verdict was also complimentary: “It was a breath of fresh air. I either like it or don’t like it, and I loved it.” Sharin secured a Golden Ticket and her place in the top 50. 

Meghan screamed after watching 20-year-old Joshua Hannan perform Matt Corby’s Brother. “I’m just like, fangirling. You just turned into a superstar in my face,” she squealed. Amy added her own personal praise for the aspiring star, before giving him her vote: “Not many people can pull off that song like Corby. He’s got a very incredible voice, and you remind me a lot of him.”

Complete with an Akubra and mullet, lamb marker Connor Bulger performed Slim Dusty’s classic, A Pub With No Beer. Amy believed he wasn’t quite ready, but the other judges disagreed as Harry exclaimed: “I didn’t understand a frickin word you said the whole time, but like going to the opera, I feel something.”

Leaving no stone unturned to find the best voices Australia has to offer, Meghan dropped in on 22-year-old student Naomi Gipey at her home in Alice Springs. Taking Meghan on a trip to Simpson’s Gap, Naomi delivered an acapella performance of Mercy by Duffy and was sent straight through to the top 50. 

Brisbane guitar teacher Ben proved looks can be deceiving as he wowed the judges, embodying Led Zepplin’s Robert Plant for a Golden Ticket-winning rendition of Whole Lotta Love. “You look like you couldn’t care less about being here, but when you started singing I was like man, that’s dangerous,” said Harry. Kyle added his own unique feedback: “The voice is interesting, but I also picture you nude in a butcher’s apron and me tied up on a steel table. So that freaks me the hell out.”

Not every singer was able to secure a Golden Ticket, with 19-year-old law student Imogen Ledell failing to impress the judges and refusing to take no for an answer. “The vocal was not great at all. You must know that it’s pretty woeful?” Kyle responded, before Harry added “I’m going to be honest with you. Singing is not for you.”

Finally, 27-year-old Sara Houston’s personal story of overcoming a cancer diagnosis and 32 surgeries, coupled with her raw interpretation of John Mayer’s Waiting on the World to Change moved Harry: “Personality, presence, heroism. This is what Australian Idol is all about and you have all those qualities.

With 7 tickets handed out 43 golden tickets remain.


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