Australian Federal Police raid Channel 7 Offices

The Schepelle Corby media deal has taken another twist with the Australian Federal Police getting involved.

It is understood Federal police were looking for evidence of the lucrative media deal the Corby family reportedly signed on behalf of Schapelle for her first post-prison interview with Seven’s current affairs program, Sunday Night.

The AFP confirmed it conducted a number of search warrants in Sydney under the Proceeds of Crime Act.. The offices of New Idea, owned by Seven West Media’s Pacific Magazines, were also raided although the Sunday Night newsroom had not yet been visited.

However journalist  Mike Willesee who is in Bali has claimed there is nothing be found “there is no deal” with the Corby family. Seven, he said, had bought nothing yet: “But we have, through a lot of hard work, positioned ourselves so that if there is an interview, we’ll be first in line”.

Commercial director Bruce McWilliam told News Corp that documents were handed over last week as part of a Proceeds of Crime production order an He said a senior government minister called him to apologise for the raids.

Source The Sydney Morning Herald