Aussie Snake Wranglers’ strikes new season on National Geographic

Aussie Snake Wranglers’ strikes new season on National Geographic

National Geographic’s documentary series ‘Aussie Snake Wranglers’ has been renewed for a second season, to begin in Spring 2022, following strong viewership for its debut series. 
Since debuting in September this year, ‘Aussie Snake Wranglers’ has proven a hit with local audiences, routinely being one of the most watched factual programs on subscription television in its Tuesday night timeslot and a strong performer in catchup/VOD viewing.  
Full of action and suspense, the program thrusts audiences into Australia’s snake catching world – where one mistake could cost you your life.
Australia and New Zealand viewers have been charmed by Snake guru Stuart McKenzie and his colorful team of snake catchers, including Mullet Mick, Adele, Chris, Jess and Olivia.  
McKenzie leads his dedicated team in the beautiful surrounds of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, one of the most active snake regions in the world.
Over 20 different species call the area home, including the world’s second most venomous snake, the Eastern Brown, highly venomous red-bellied black snakes, whip snakes, giant carpet pythons and more.
Each episode sees the team respond to the distress calls of everyday Australians who find themselves face to face with the often deadly reptiles.
The series is produced for National Geographic by Breakout Productions in partnership with the South Australian Film Corporation and is currently broadcast each Tuesday evening at 8.30pm AEDT or on-demand via Foxtel, Fetch and SKY NZ.
Season Two of ‘Aussie Snake Wranglers’ will include another 12 x 30 minute episodes with the same heart-stopping action that the series has quickly become synonymous with.

Season Two of ‘Aussie Snake Wranglers’ is currently in production and will premiere in Spring 2022.

Aussie Snake Wranglers screens Tuesdays at 8.30pm AEDT on National Geographic or on-demand via Foxtel, Fetch and SKY NZ.


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