Aussie Snake Wranglers bites back for Season Two on National Geographic in September

Aussie Snake Wranglers bites back for Season Two on National Geographic in September

The hit series returns Aussie Snake Wranglers for another heart stopping season next month.

After a spectacular debut season, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers team of Stuart McKenzie, Chris Soul, Mick Bender, Adele Psaila, Jess Schmidt and Olivia Degn return for another 12 thrilling episodes of Aussie Snake Wranglers.

Set against the backdrop of Queensland’s picturesque Sunshine Coast, our snake wranglers will come up against some of the most venomous snakes in the world.

The team answer up to 30 distress calls a day from everyday Aussies whose homes have been invaded by these fearsome reptiles. From eastern browns terrorising suburban backyards to red-bellied black snakes infiltrating wall cavities – there is even a carpet python that has laid her eggs on a young family’s front doorstep.

With the clock always ticking as snakes can disappear in the blink of an eye, Stuart and his team will not stop until the snake is caught and relocated – even if that means putting their own lives on the line.

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most snake prone areas in Australia. More than 20 different species call this area home, including the second most venomous snake in the world – the eastern brown. During the breeding season, these snakes begin to roam in search of a mate – bringing them into regular contact with people. They can be found inside bedrooms, under toilet seats and even curled up in lounge room couches.

Enter Australia’s elite snake catching team, which boasts some of the best catchers in the business. From Mullet Mick, a classic Aussie larrikin who is not afraid to take on the biggest and deadliest snakes with his bare hands, to Jess, a relatively new snake catcher, is not afraid to step in and is leading the way for future female snake catchers.

These lovable Aussie characters work in pairs all over the Sunshine Coast – taking on deadly eastern browns hiding between neighboring fences, highly venomous red-bellied black snakes basking within striking distance of oblivious beachgoers, and giant carpet pythons guarding their freshly laid clutch of eggs.

In Season Two, one of the catchers join Mick and Chris as members of the infamous ‘Bite Club’ after receiving a bite while on the job.

While some snakes are selected to take part in life-saving venom research, others are safely released back into the wild – giving the catchers (and the audience) another chance to look at the snake up close, as the catchers share their passion for these misunderstood animals authentically and organically. 

Full of action, suspense and larger-than-life characters, Aussie Snake Wranglers takes audiences into the wilds of Australia’s snake-catching world – where one mistake could cost you your life.

Season Two of Aussie Snake Wranglers premieres September 13 at 8.30pm AEST on National Geographic


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