Aussie Salvage Squad returns to Discovery

Aussie Salvage Squad returns to Discovery

It’s heroic work that often goes unnoticed, but it’s not without its risks. The new season of Aussie Salvage Squad returns next month  on Discovery Channel.

The series follows rescue experts ‘Team Salvage’ as they battle extreme conditions, real-time jeopardy, and make time-critical decisions that will either make or break a salvage operation.

Braving deadly storms, cyclones, and natural adversaries is all part and parcel for this young, larger-than-life team, whose mission is not only to retrieve wreckage, but to save the environment in the process. Team Salvage leader Luke Purdy guides Jayde Towers, Ellie Faranda, Dan Miliauskas, Jacinta Burns, and new cast member Ryan Kelly, through disaster zones and tricky territory on recovery missions in Western Australia that are not for the faint-hearted.

Throughout the season, Team Salvage tackles toxic spills and environmental hazards in both land and marine rescues battling changing weather conditions, equipment failure, miscommunication – and wild animals – as they retrieve vessels, vehicles, and historical relics in large-scale operations on a tight budget, and small-scale operations of sentimental value. Working within the strict confines of a fixed budget can prove difficult when the team sometimes only has a matter of hours to ensure a successful salvage, particularly in a business where the only reliable factor is the unexpected.


From refloating a pre-World War II boat to save the owner from a $30,000 fine and removing a toxic vessel that’s polluting a protected nature reserve via helicopter, to urgently salvaging a 12-tonne skid loader that slid into a dam, this season is set to drive the pressure gauge higher than ever before, with bigger, dirtier, and noisier self-contained jobs.


Aussie Salvage Squad returns with more grit and determination to get the job done, as the team meets every challenge head-on – and knows how to have a little fun along the way. Their big personalities make the job entertaining, but the high-risk involved in carrying out the mission highlights the integrity of their vocation – they do the jobs that no one else can.

Aussie Salvage Squad  Season 2 airs Wednesdays from 20 May at 8:30pm AEST on Discovery Channel