Are We Alone In The Universe? Discovery Is On A Mission For The Truth In Aliens Month

Discovery Channel’s special event Aliens Month gathers the best (and most open) minds to take you beyond planet Earth in a series of investigations, clandestine operations, and behind-the-scenes footage to uncover the secrets of this solar system and beyond. Each weekend in July from 8:30pm, experts in the field – from scientists to UFO chasers – will reveal insider knowledge about the secret locations that have sparked controversy, conspiracies, and whether contact has been made with extraterrestrial life. The truth is out there, and it’ll send your mind into outer space!


Whether you’re a believer, sceptic, conspiracy theorist or just open-minded, Aliens Month features a line-up of premiere content and favourites from the archive that cover all bases for a comprehensive look at the potential for extraterrestrial life.  Tune in throughout the month to learn about infamous cases, on the ground stories, firsthand experiences and the science behind new projects and discoveries that set out to explain the inexplicable.


In Storming Area 51 (Saturday 4 July at 9:30pm), alien enthusiasts the UFO Bros, Joe and Emmett Hayes, head to the Nevada desert to embrace the pandemonium of the Storm Area 51 event of September 2019. There, they uncover credible reports of UFO encounters from the military outpost that was so covert, the U.S government denied its existence until 2013. The special looks at the history of the top-secret facility and the culture of those dedicated to the cause. Meanwhile in Alien Highway (Sundays from 5 July at 8:30pm)former Colorado law enforcement officer Chuck Zukowski has been researching and investigating UFO-related incidents for over 30 years – now, together with his son, Daniel, he’s after definitive proof.


Also, on the lineup for Aliens Month is the two-part ‘Encyclopedia Galactica’ of non-Earth life forms, Aliens: The Definitive Guide, which uses cutting-edge research to answer some extraordinary questions, such as what aliens may look and sound like. Also, Alien Planet Earths uses CGI to reveal the billion-dollar projects that extract new evidence about aliens and distant worlds. You can also enjoy Contact, UFOs: The Lost Evidence, and more, as this special event leaves room for the impossible.


As a bonus, join Discovery’s own intrepid explorer, Josh Gates on Tuesday nights when he returns in Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials. In this spin-off series he travels the globe to explore ancient signs of aliens, gains access to some of the world’s most top secret sites, uses futuristic technology to gaze into the final frontier, and leaves no stone unturned as he tackles mankind’s greatest question – are we alone in the universe?


Aliens Month

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Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials

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Ailen Month programming


Saturday 4 July at 9:30pm AEST – Australian Television Premiere

Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and is what’s known as a black site in military terminology. It features prominently in any study of the UFO phenomenon, and when it comes to clandestine questions, conspiracy theorists almost always direct their concerns at the government. In August 2019 the internet went in full meltdown mode when it was announced that a big event was planned to infiltrate Area 51, long-rumoured to hold alien secrets. Days later, it morphed into a big alien-themed festival Alienstock, hosted by the small town of Rachel, Nevada, on 20-22 September 2019 to celebrate and congregate around all things alien and alien conspiracy.  Things then went to the next level with two million Facebook fans pledging to invade this remote locale!

In Storming Area 51, the UFO Bros, Joe and Emmett Hayes, head to the Nevada desert to observe, investigate and fully embrace the pandemonium of the Storming Area 51 event. There, they dive into the history of the top-secret facility and uncover credible reports of UFO encounters.


Sundays from 5 July at 8:30pm AEST – Australian Television Premiere

Former Colorado law enforcement officer Chuck Zukowski has been researching and investigating UFO-related incidents for over 30 years. Now, together with his son, Daniel, and investigator Heather Taddy, he is pursuing the cases that authorities ignore, finding evidence that others have missed, listening to witnesses that are otherwise afraid to come forward and searching for definitive proof of UFOs along America’s infamous Alien Highway.

In the first episode, a rash of recent UFO sightings brings Chuck’s team to Missouri, the home of the 1973 Piedmont lights incident. Armed with new evidence, they question whether history is repeating itself or if the activity never really subsided. Later, a recent creature sighting outside the infamous Skinwalker Ranch brings Chuck and the team to Utah, and evidence both on the ground and in the skies indicates the mysterious shapeshifter might actually be an alien. Double episodes weekly.



Saturdays from 11 July at 8:30pm AEST – Discovery Channel Premiere

Aliens: The Definitive Guide is an “Encyclopedia Galactica” of non-Earth life forms, and an investigation into the latest scientific understanding of life beyond planet Earth. This special will showcase the extraordinary scientists who are currently grappling with extraordinary questions about alien life including what aliens will look like, what they will sound like, what their words will look like, and will they come in peace? Aliens: The Definitive guide takes viewers to stunning, remote locations on Earth as well as elsewhere in the universe. Scientist will inject a dose of cutting-edge research into an action-packed journey through space, to find out exactly whether aliens might come here, and how to prepare when they arrive. This everything you need to know; it’s the definitive guide.



Saturday 25 July at 8:30pm AEST – Discovery Channel Premiere

The search for Earth’s twin is the hottest topic in astronomy. 20 years ago, it looked like only one place in the universe was capable of sustaining life, our home planet Earth. Today, thanks to NASA’s ground-breaking Kepler mission, astronomers believe there are over 20 billion alien worlds with liquid water and therefore the potential for life. Using dynamic state of the art CGI Alien Planet Earths transports us across the Milky Way to the surface of newly discovered exoplanets and exomoons and reveals the billion-dollar projects being developed to search for evidence of alien life on these distant worlds.



Tuesdays from 7 July at 8:30pm AEST – Australian Television Premiere

In Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials, Josh Gates sets off on the most extraordinary expedition of his career as he journeys over 50,000 miles through four continents to find evidence of life outside of Earth. With exclusive access to top secret sites, he explores ancient signs of aliens on the most remote island on the planet, uses futuristic technology to gaze into the final frontier and hunts for meteorite fragments. He leaves no stone unturned as he tackles mankind’s greatest question – are we alone in the universe?

He begins his search for extraterrestrial life with a once-in-a-lifetime visit to NASA, and then hunts for evidence of aliens in Chile, where he views a UFO video captured by the military and assists scientists at the largest telescope on Earth. He goes to Easter Island, where alien theorists believe extraterrestrials visited a millennium ago, and to the site of a recent meteorite strike in Zimbabwe that could prove life on Earth began in outer space! In England, he investigates an infamous case that’s widely known as ‘Europe’s Roswell’ and later ventures to the U.S. to investigate a hot case in Arkansas and chase new information on the mother of all UFOs.