Apollo Arrives In Paradise.

Last night everyone’s favorite god finally arrived in paradise.

After a dramatic rose ceremony that saw many couples torn apart and new arrivals challenge existing relationships, the shockwaves were still being felt in paradise.


Luke and Lisa sat down to discuss what happened at last night’s rose ceremony. Luke told  Lisa he felt blindsided by Michael’s decision to give her a rose. While Lisa admitted that Michael was initially someone she wanted to get to know in paradise, her loyalty was still with Luke.

Eden was still feeling the effects of his decision to send Nina home, but was excited to get to know Elora more. Elora was still holding out for Apollo’s arrival, but she accepted Eden’s invitation to join him on a date.

fast with his affections. Realising quickly the day would not end in romance, Eden thought he would make the date memorable by starting a food fight. While he thought it was hilarious, Elora was not as impressed and stormed off in annoyance.


Back in paradise, magician Apollo was the next guest to crash the island. It did not take the girls long to be hypnotised by his charm, particularly Keira and Simone.


Apollo asked Simone for a chat and they both discovered they had a similar sense of humour. After swapping stories and some flirtatious banter, Apollo invited her on a special one-on-one date.


Arriving home from her uncomfortable date with Eden, Elora was disappointed to find out Simone had accepted Apollo’s invitation to go on a date. Knowing it was every lady for themselves, Elora took matters into her own hands and pulled Apollo aside for a chat.

Her actions set Simone off into a heated tirade about friendship and respect, with Ali and Michael agreeing Simone was way out of line.

Sam took Tara aside to surprise her with a love shack he had built for her. He told her how much she meant to him and she admitted she had fallen in love.

Simone and Apollo’s kayaking date was filled with clumsiness and a lot of laughing. When they had a chance to talk, despite promising Elora she would not, Simone mentioned to Apollo that Elora was not happy she had accepted the date.

When Elora found out Simone had been speaking about their issues outside of paradise, she was quick to confront her.  After a heated exchange, which saw past problems brought to the surface, an angry Simone stormed off.

Tonight another surprise guest crashes the cabana, one contestant walks out and a loved-up couple leave paradise for good.