Another Shucking Sabotage?

The Tassie travels continued on tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia.

Arriving at Gordon Dam, the teams were tasked with shooting and scoring a basket over the 140 metres high the dam wall. Impossible right? Wrong. 

The Footy Mates MJ and Chelsea got their ball bounce on, landing theirs in the net first and heading off to the Detour with The Cowboys in hot pursuit. 

Choosing between Crush or Crunch, teams needed to withstand freezing water while bobbing for apples until they found one with a black core, or stomp raspberries to make 20 boxes of raspberry puree. 

After trying their hand at crunching apples, MJ and Chelsea changed to crushing raspberries mid-challenge. Miraculously sticking with the freezing conditions, The Gold Coast Girls Ashleigh and Amanda found the bad core and catapulted to first place. 

Heading off to the Intersection, teams needed to work together with another team to shuck and eat 100 oysters. The Siblings and The Gold Coast Girls arrived at the same time and teamed up to get the job done. Through the struggle, they nailed it and were onto the Pit Stop to find Beau.

In last position were The Geek and The Princess, Chris and Aleisha. Being vegans, they weren’t keen to help The Cowboys down a bunch of oysters and tried to convince them to take a penalty at the Pit Stop. Not wanting to quit, Brendan and Jackson agreed to eat the oysters themselves, if the other two helped shuck them. 

With the other teams off trying to find Beau at the darkened Willow Court

Asylum, it was Ashleigh and Amanda who landed on the mat just before The Siblings Skye-Blue and Jake, scoring themselves a day off racing with the First Class Pas

Arriving at the Pit Stop second last, the Gold Coast Girls dished out their Sabotage card to Chris and Aleisha, leaving them once again with a disadvantage at the next leg, while The Cowboys were dealt a guaranteed leg up with the Salvage card. 

Sunday night’s episode sees all teams tussle in the Tassie countryside, to try and keep their place in the Race.