Another familiar face makes a return to Erinsborough

Another familiar face makes a return to Erinsborough

She’s been mentioned for months, but now another much-loved former resident is headed back to Ramsay Street in the flesh.

And that former resident is Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson)!

Following Vic (Craig Hall) learning of his cancer recovery and skipping town, Nicolette (Hannah Monson) and Byron (Xavier Molyneux) are left unable to invest in the vineyard.

Elsewhere, Leo (Tim Kano) gets a surprise phone call from his cousin, friend and ex-employee Kiri. Restless with her life on Magnetic Island, Kiri makes the snap decision to return to Melbourne and help Leo with his business woes.

Will Kiri be just the person he needs to save the winery?

Meanwhile, Jane (Annie Jones) is shocked by Sky’s (Stephanie McIntosh) announcement that she’s removing Harold (Ian Smith) from Eirini Rising in response to the recent crime wave. Putting aside her current issues, Jane is determined to get the program back on track.

But will Jane’s efforts be enough for Sky to allow her beloved grandad to stay in Erinsborough, or is everyone’s favourite Jelly Belly back on the road to Port Douglas?

Elizabeth Packett gets to deliver some nostalgic-forward scenes between Steph and Ian, while also kicking off what should be an interesting return arc for Kiri.

Neighbours airs Monday-Thursday at 4:00pm on 10, with episodes repeated at 6:30pm on 10Peach Comedy.


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